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The producer duo Superwalkers have released the refreshing new track Seagulls. The Swedish pop outfit began in the Stockholm underground club scene and have released a string of successful singles that were praised by music blogs resulting in millions of streams on Spotify.

Although hiding their true identity, we do know the pop duo consist of members ‘A’ and ‘J’ and they release music on their label Cosmos Music. This is all we need to know, the music speaks enough.,


  • Promotion and PR is needed, but word of mouth is the most powerful.
  • “Art may be invaluable, but it’s not free. One way or another, someone has to pay.”
  • Don’t worry about charting. It will drive you crazy. Just concentrate writing amazing songs and telling your message.
  • True words spoken by — every artist will be judged on their merit. Don’t degrade others, instead upgrade…





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