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Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Kevin Andreas releases the new track Right Here ft. Kris Payne. I’m predicting this track will find a way on the blogosphere, and on several popular Spotify Playlists. Andreas who is a producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist cites Prince, Led Zeppelin, Kendrick Lamar as influences.

With a quick listen to the latest track Right Here, it’s apparent that he is taking a ‘no rules approach’ to his songwriting, and manages to take every single element of contemporary music,  creating a signature sound. Andreas has several tracks lined up that will be released in the coming months.  Moreover, Andreas co-wrote and sang the hook on A$AP Rocky’s breakout song Peso.


  • Every artist needs a story, if you don’t have one, make something up.
  • Every time an artist releases a song, they are planting a seed.
  • If there is one thing you need to learn is that the music business is filled with thieves and bullies.
  • Artists are entrepreneurs. Operators of a business, they take on greater than normal financial risk.





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