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Up and coming indie act Yoke Lore releases the new track Fake You. You can hear hints of Peter Gabriel and Gotye. The wizard behind Yoke Lore is Adrian Galvin who hails from Brooklyn. Galvin notes, “The opening track, ‘Fake You’, is about the difficulty of realizing your perception of someone doesn’t necessarily match who they really are.” Moreover, he has nearly 40 performances lined up that began in April and goes through May which treks through the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, and Canada.,


  • How a flop became a hit.
  • Big difference between an artist and a songwriter.
  • A big ego is often mistaken for, or seen as, an indication of talent.
  • Thanks to Ariana Huffington's for the Kings of A&R of interview. Here is a bit of a backstory. I recounted…





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