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Swedish pop singer Bella releases the debut track ‘Sorry If U Misunderstood‘.  Drawing comparisons from 80’s Dance-pop/Europop, Bella comes from a family of four musical sisters and immersed herself in the London music scene. With lyrics like “Just sex, go to next, then you head out the door Won’t flex on my ex, no I won’t anymore..Sorry if you misunderstood”, Bella reveals girls know when a guy is trying to take advantage of us. Check out the track.


  • Think! Catchiness doesn’t make a song a HIT. Exposure does.
  • Think! Radio still has great distribution power, but it no longer holds a monopoly on exposure.
  • If content is king then distribution is the kingdom.
  • If one million people streamed your song, it’s a HIT - that 99% of the country never streamed.





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