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Vine has become a new platform that music artists can exploit along with YouTube & Facebook.

Here are some key pointers in the article “Can You Build a Business in 6 Seconds?

“But the appeal of Vine isn’t only in the overall number of people who are using it. In a fashion strikingly similar to YouTube, the service is a home to a new breed of digital stars — artists who are amassing large and highly engaged fan-bases, six seconds at a time.

“Based on numerous industry people we’ve spoken to, a Vine star could make anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 for a branded Vine video. It’s a pretty wide range, and certainly not a strict one — determined by factors such as number of followers, the level of engagement, and/or if the video is part of a larger campaign.”

“If you look at some of the top names on Vine, you’ll notice that the platform isn’t their only social outlet. The most-followed individual on the platform, Nash Grier, with 9.2 million followers, also has 3.24 million followers on Twitter, and 3.46 million subscribers on YouTube. Jerome Jarre, with his 7 million Vine fans, has 697,000 followers on Twitter and 754,000 subscribers on YouTube.”

Musician Shawn Mendes, who found popularity on Vine by releasing six-second versions of cover songs, recently debuted his first album, which spiked to number one on iTunes in less than 40 minutes after its release.

Brittany Furlan, the leading lady of Vine with 7.1 million fans — who has scored brand deals with the likes of Trident, Reebok, and Universal — has 182,000 supporters on Twitter and 129,000 on YouTube. Her goal is to eventually be a movie star, and thanks in large part to the audience she has cultivated online, she recently booked an appearance in an upcoming Zac Efron movie.

But the fact remains, while Vine can be a great creative outlet for budding digital stars, for many, it remains a gateway to something more — just like every other digital platform.

“I think it’s so important to be living on all these different environments and all these platforms,” adds Jonathan Skogmo, founder and CEO of Jukin Media, which works with Vine stars like Logan Paul and BatDad. “I’d say the same thing about a YouTube personality.”

So, the question again, can you build a business in six seconds? Short answer: Yes, because it’s just the beginning.

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ShawnCohen- interview

Wind-up Records has long been known as the house that Creed built. Although they are an independent label, they’ve been home to many chart toppers in the Active Rock and Alternative genres. Over the last few years, Wind-up has been branching out, picking up artists that seem out of place on a roster that once included Drowning Pool and Evanescence. Kings of A&R caught up with Wind-Up A&R director, Shawn Cohen, to find out more about their new eclectic roster that includes bands such as The Griswolds and SPEAK and how they are transitioning into new genres.

Wind-up has been picking up some surprising new bands. Where is all that coming from?

We have been known as the house of active rock for a very long time and we’re trying to be creative and showing the world that we can do mainstream, alternative, pop…we’re not just rock. We want to work with music that we love, no matter the genre.

What’s your favorite artist that you’re working right now?

Hands down, The Griswolds. Not just because I signed them, but they are just from fans to music the most intriguing, fun, exciting people and it shows all around. Their social media, their recorded music, their live shows, they are a very dynamic band.

How’d you find them?

I found The Griswolds in the blog scene. They had posted their first song , Heart of the Lion. It was under the radar when I heard the song and I was really into them. I did some homework and saw they were doing well on Triple J (Australian Radio). I listened to their other songs and I thought it was very creative and refreshing so I reached out to them. CONTINUE READING


When did you consider having a career in music?

I have considered having a career in music for as long as I can remember. From a very young age, I felt like this was what I was created to do. For most of my life it just seem too far out of reach. So, two years ago I decided to take the first step in actively pursuing the career I had always dreamt of obtaining….. and here I am!

What were some of the steps that you took to help shape the craft of singing, performing, and songwriting?

I never had vocal lessons growing up, so the first step was working with a vocal coach to reverse bad habits I had developed, and improving those that came naturally. I’ve been working with a choreographer to develop a great show/performance. Singing is one thing and dancing is another, both challenging in their own way, but doing both at the same time while engaging your audience and connecting to your lyrics is a completely different beast. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Additionally, I have been working in the studio with award winning writers, producers and vocalists. There is no better way to grow and develop as an artist than by learning from and collaborating with some of the best in the business! They push me.

I am also teaching myself acoustic guitar to help with songwriting, putting together a great show with my band, and finishing touches on new music to be released at the top of next year! With each new project, there are new challenges and significant growth as person and artist.

Do you see yourself acting in the future?

I absolutely do! Acting is the element of entertainment in which I have the least experience, but I believe there is a natural ability within me that just hasn’t had the opportunity to be exposed yet. I’d love to do a comedy! CONTINUE READING

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Playing at a music festival can be the highlight of any band’s career, and it can be a sign that you’ve made it big. Music festivals have become quite popular in all areas of the world, but there are still some festivals that are more prominent. TomorrowWorld, Coachella, and Glastonbury are some that immediately come to mind, but the Leeds Festival is one more that’s of note.

The Leeds Festival is the younger brother of the Reading Festival, the oldest popular music festival still in existence. These two festivals take place over the course of one weekend, sharing the same bill. Big names continue to play at these local bands, including classics like Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, and Arctic Monkeys. After going through some changes in format, however, these festivals have also begun to include lesser known acts in their side stages.

Last year, the Leeds and Reading Festivals featured the talented Reeps One, a vocal powerhouse whose beatboxing talents have continued to amaze producers and recording companies. Although beatboxing is yet to see the recognition that it deserves, the Leeds and Reading Festivals are giving this contemporary genre a new home. CONTINUE READING

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