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The UK songstress has another smash on her hands with the latest concert special “Live from New York City” which garnered 11 million viewers. It saw the biggest audience for any pop star special in over a decade. The Eagles and Cher were the last artists to drive that magnitude of viewership. Adele’s demographic was in the 18-49 age group. Being only 27, and topping the young musicians rich list, Adele has accomplished a lot in a quick short years.

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Adele Lionel

Lionel Richie admits he called his lawyers after hearing Adele’sHello‘.

He told The Sun: ‘You can’t use my word without my acknowledgement, thank you very much. I have been trying to figure out, from a legal point of view, can you own a word?

‘So far all the lawyers have told me, “No”. I’ve tried . . . but the association is fabulous!’

He said: ‘We will meet. When she’s on tour I’ll catch her backstage.’

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Colts Owner - Beatles

Some people are willing to pay big money for instruments used by celebrities. In this case, the Colts Owner payed big cash for The Beatles drum kit played by the one & only Ringo Starr. A well known Beatles fan, Jim Irsay has spent millions of dollars buying a John Lennon guitar as well as other instruments. The Beatles who are noted with having the most #1 songs have impacted a generation like no other. Their music & instruments live on!

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Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland was found dead in a tour bus last night. Friends and family are saddened but not shocked by the death of Weiland who battled drug addiction from the beginning of his career and never seemed to kick it. Weiland was a true vocalist and a sincere songwriter that dominated the airwaves throughout the nineties.

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Columbia Market Share

Adele’s record label skyrockets with marketshare. Columbia Records grabbed 63% of the market during the week of 11/26. How long will Adele sell at record pace?

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