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Retro-pop duo Fly By Midnight release the radio ready track All The Feels.  Formed by former MTV’s Dream Bigger reality star and multi-instrumentalist, Justin Bryte, and producer/song-writer Slavo, The NYC electro act won the Firefly Festival “Big Break Artist of 2018” securing themselves a spot on the festival. They have over a million Spotify streams on the track Vinyl and Charlie Puth’s cover ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore‘.  Moreover, the’ve met with a couple of labels but haven’t inked an actual deal yet. Lastly, the duo captured a fanbase on YouTube after gaining millions of views with covers capturing the attention of Seacrest among others.

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Since we first featured Rayla she’s been kicking it into high gear. A flurry of blogs are beginning to take notice including celebmix, UpFrontNY, and Rock Your Lyrics.  Her track was added to MTV “Radar” Playlist while clocking 200k Spotify streams.

Rayla dropped her first infectious single “Boys Like You“. Her debut track sums up the current pop mood climate delivering a memorable melody accompanied with her sultry voice. The 16 year old pop singer from NJ has opened for Daya, Olivia Holt, and Jana Kramer. Check out her latest interview with Fearless Radio.,

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KOAR favorite Sleeplust begins the new year with a new single release. The new track Burning, which happens to be their best yet is catchy and anthemic.

Since their formation, the LA indie act has been on an upswing with features in Billboard, Huff Post along with TV placements on MTV, VH1, and E. Now they are over a million plays of their last two EPs. The new track will come off their upcoming EP due out this Spring.

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Miley Cyrus ran around on Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards nearly naked, and then flashing her nipple during a costume change.

As the camera panned backstage, Miley failed to cover up and the broadcast quickly cut away to the crowd while she continued to talk. She then said, “What’s happening? Oh, sorry.”

Throughout the show, she sang about smoking marijuana and during the final performance of the show – ok, lets stop here. The fact is, Miley and MTV are desperately looking for a scandal that will make Monday morning news.

It’s no secret that MTV is trying to reinvent itself to combat sinking ratings and disinterested teens. MTV primetime programming is reaching 40% fewer viewers in the 12-to-34 target demo than it did five years ago, according to Nielsen.

MTV hasn’t a big hit show in quiet some time. Interest in MTV’s reality shows that came to dominate MTV’s schedule is fading, and, at 23, The Real World is older than its target audience. “Big shows are once in a few years for any network,” says John Janedis, equity analyst at Jefferies. “It’s becoming harder to have smash hits.”

“It’s the perfect storm,” says a former MTV programming executive. “The audience is going digital, reality TV is running dry, there’s more competition for scripted programs. I feel for the executives there.”

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The first 3 videos that played on MTV which launched 34 years ago in August 1981. The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star”, Pat Benatar’s “You Better Run” video aired second. Rod Stewart’s video for “She Won’t Dance with Me” aired third.

Today, MTV is barely recognizable. Although they still air a music video awards show, most of the programming is reality based shows.

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