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Kings favorite Leandro has released a new track and the video Say Ok.  I wasn’t sure what to think when I first listened to the track, but the video pulled all my thoughts together. After following his three single releases, I’m now convinced that the South African artist doesn’t fit in any genre.  Not fitting in can be a lonely place. You essentially become an entire island of itself.  It’s arguably the hardest traveled road for an artist, but the payoff could be enormous. Moreover, Leandro isn’t just cementing himself as an artist, but also as a film producer, an undeniable strength in todays music landscape. Leandro notes, “Say Ok represents for me a different kind of love song and I really tried to portray that in the music video. Everyone, everywhere has at some point in their lives experiences challenges in their relationship with their significant other and I’ve tried my best to metaphorically bring those dynamics to life.” Check out his other releases Stay and We Got Something Good.,







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