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1 Wiz Khalifa See You Again 40,722 paid downloads
2 WALK THE MOON  Shut Up and Dance 19,024
3 Fetty Wap Trap Queen 14,933
4 Little Big Town Girl Crush 14,247
5 Jason Derulo Want to Want Me 13,695
6 The Weeknd Earned It 13,596
7 David Guetta Hey Mama 12,348
8 Mark Ronson Uptown Funk 11,075
9 Andy Grammer Honey, I’m Good 10,404
10 Twayne Nasty Freestyle 10,195
11 Ellie Goulding Love Me Like You Do 10,146
12 Flo Rida GDFR 9291
13 Natalie La Rose Somebody 8,694
14 Maroon 5 Sugar 8,649
15 Nick Jonas Chains 8,331
16 Sam Hunt Take Your Time 8,306
17 Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud 8,232
18 Tove Lo Talking Body 7,750
19 Meghan Trainor Dear Future Husband 7,461
20 Nashville Cast Shotgun 7,173
21 Panic! At the Disco Hallelujah 6,994
22 Rihanna Better Have My Money 6,437

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Ellie Goulding

1.  Wiz Khalifa See You Again 46,097 (paid downloads)
2.  WALK THE MOON Shut Up and Dance 20,291
3.  Mark Ronson Uptown Funk 16,352
4.  Fetty Wap Trap Queen 15,840
5.  The Weeknd Earned It 14,675
6.  Jason Derulo Want to Want Me 12,385
7.  Ellie Goulding Love Me Like You Do 11,316
8.  David Guetta Hey Mama 11,147
9.  Maroon 5 Sugar 10,224
10 Little Big Town Girl Crush 10,162
11 Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud 9,988
12 Andy Grammer Honey, I’m Good. 9,690
13 Nick Jonas Chains 9,515
14 Natalie La Rose Somebody 8,846
15 Flo Rida GDFR 7,850
16 Meghan Trainor Dear Future Husband 7,490
17 Rihanna FourFiveSeconds 7,394
18 Tove Lo Talking Body 7,321
19 Sam Hunt Take Your Time 7,158
20 Rihanna Better Have My Money 7,107
21 Fifth Harmony Worth It 6,550
22 Taylor Swift Style 6,409

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Kevin Lyman

Kevin Lyman is best known as the producer and creator of the extremely successful Vans Warped Tour, the longest running traveling music festival in the world today. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the tour has played to over millions of fans.  Kevin has founded many other highly successful tours including the Rockstar Mayhem Festival and Down from the Mountain Tour.  When not curating giant festivals, he sits on the Board of Directors for Saint Archer Brewery and the LA County Fairplex.  He also has his hand in the record industry as co-owner of Side One Dummy.

A trendsetter for youth branding, Kevin has established creative partnerships with brands such as Vans, Kia, Journeys, Fuse, Ernie Ball, and Monster Energy Drink.  Kevin was an honoree at the Grammy/MusiCares MAP Fund 2011 and received the Billboard Touring Awards Humanitarian of the Year in 2009.  Recently he has founded The Entertainment Institute to revolutionize music business education utilizing his 35 years of experience.

You are best known as the creator of the Vans Warped tour, the longest running traveling musical festival in the world today, as well as the Rockstar Mayhem Festival. Are you content with your achievements or do you feel there is unfinished business?.

KL: No there is always stuff out there to do. I’ve always felt there is more out there to be done. People have asked me what was the best Warped Tour. I say “it’s the one that is going to happen, I hope.” You can’t live on status quo. I think what we are doing now , especially with The Entertainment Institute (TEI), some of the other branding things like speaking engagements, are pushing in the direction I want to go.  I thought that education was going to be my calling and maybe the music thing was going to be a passing thing and I would get on with my life.

When you founded The Entertainment Institute, what sparked that idea? KL: A few reasons are that I speak at colleges and universities quite a bit. I firmly believe in the education process but sometimes kids come out of school not quite up with everything that is going on. They are not keeping current. I thought that maybe we could create a supplemental education program to teach them real time. Not to replace anything that one is doing in education, but to keep it in real time. CONTINUE READING

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Indevotion gave us an exclusive release for their new track Pretty Little Liar. Watch it here.

This Swedish band has been eager to engage people with their music and sparkling live­show since the start in 2008. A third place in the big national contest 2011 Metro On Stage became the take­off for Indevotion and hit­song “GoGoGoGoGo!“. The band has been touring extensively ever since and also gained international coverage by publications like Buzznet, AU Review, and The Round Table. In 2014 the band picked up producer Mats Valentin (Kelly Clarkson, Carpark North) and 2015 will see the launch of new material and see band heading out to US once again performing SXSW.

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Step rockets

We recently had a chance to catch up with Step Rockets, a Kings favorite. We named Step Rockets a top 8 emerging artist as well as a “Year End Best Artist. Step Rockets burst onto the international music scene with their single Kisser, a self-released indie pop anthem that shot to #1 on the Hype Machine charts just weeks after its release.The Minneapolis foursome has built a reputation for their cosmic recycling of music past and present. The band seamlessly blends New Wave, Reggae, and EDM through the lens of a psychedelic rock band, churning out indie pop gems that keep the listener coming back for more.

You have had lots of underground success. What was the pivotal moment when the press started taking notice?

Thanks! The big turning point was when our song “Kisser” went to #1 on Hype Machine late in the summer of 2013. It was a totally organic moment and surreal experience. A few blogs picked it up, and people started to really connect and retweet the song. It was a fun seeing all of our hard work finally pay off.

Just 13 days after the release of “Kisser”, the track hit #1 on Hype Machine garnering 200,000+ SoundCloud plays. Did that lead to major attention?

Yeah, things started happening quickly. A lot of people within the music industry reached out to the band immediately after the song hit #1. We had people from major labels contacting us, as well as agents, managers, and lawyers. We were completely DIY at the time, and I remember sitting in a coffee shop and sending out about 150 emails to music blogs to keep the hype going. After we had those initial numbers it was a great talking point for blogs and press to open up our e-mails and listen to our story. Since then we have toured the nation and been apart of some great festivals and have really found out what works for us. CONTINUE READING

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