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Buzz Track: Neverending Spirit

News Update: Kings favorite, Australian indie rock act  Monks Of Mellonwah will head to the US to perform at the 2012 LA Music Awards. The band just completed an Australian national tour and are preparing to record a new album with producer Keith Olsen. They have lined up several shows in LA as well as NYC for the month of December. This is another band to watch.


  • CD's and Downloads may have died, but Vinyl could carry on FOREVER!
  • Cash Me Outside Girl performed at LA’s Roxy with heavy music industry turnout. Even Billie Eilish showed up!
  • Only when the tied goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked. Great songs and dedicated fans are require…
  • Spotify has over 8,000 artists with “Lil” at the beginning of their name. Take note, before you choose an artist name.





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