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If you’re a Spotify user, you can log into the Spotify Wrapped website or view the content through the your app. You’ll see some details about your listening tastes as well what you were listening to throughout the seasons of this year, who your most-listened artists were, which countries your favorite artists come from. Spotify released the most-streamed artists of 2019 which were Post Malone, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande.

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Most-streamed artists of the decade
Ed Sheeran
Post Malone
Ariana Grande

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Lewis Capaldi has cancelled 3 UK shows after he lost his voice and also to prevent long-term damage.

The Scottish singer-songwriter pulled out of Norwich’s EUA, Nottingham’s Rock City, and O2 Academy Sheffield. He lost his voice during his performance at Brixton O2 Academy. “Last night in Brixton was one of the hardest performances I’ve had to do and thank you so, so much to everyone that came down and helped out with the tougher parts of some of those tunes,” Capaldi wrote on Instagram.

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Spotify viral artist Arizona Zervas climbs to the top 10 on the Hot 100 with his track Roxanne. The song jumped from No. 12 to No. 5.

The backstory: After a major label bidding war, the Spotify viral artist Arizona Zervas signed with Columbia Records. The war heated up after the success of his track ‘ROXANNE’ which grabbed the #1 spot on Spotify’s US Top 50. Apple followed suit and added the track to Today’s Hits playlist. The 24-year-old Arizona Zervas hails from Maryland and gained serious numbers on TikTok and YouTube before taking over Spotify.

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The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) named Scottland’s Lewis Capaldi the hardest working person in music. How do they arrive to the conclusion? It’s simple. They combine the number of domestic shows, number of international shows, and the total number of shows and number of countries.

Capaldi performed 195 total shows across 23 countries while 68 of them domestic and 127 of them international. The complete list:
1. Lewis Capaldi – 195 shows
2. Billie Eilish – 184 shows 3. P!nk – 167 shows
4. Ed Sheeran – 156 shows
5. Elton John – 150 shows
6. Killswitch Engage – 148 shows
7. Dua Lipa – 137 shows
8. Khalid – 136 shows
9. Shawn Mendes – 134 shows
10. Portugal. The Man – 132 shows

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