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Julia Michaels released a new track “Lie Like This” that I really like. The 26 year old changed the sound of pop music. Having written with Selena Gomez’s, Bieber, and Dua Lipa, Michaels is more well known among the songwriting circle than she is with the public, even having some pretty big hits herself. That’s what I like about Michaels, she’s introspective and isn’t posting bra & panty photos on instagram. She’s isn’t about clicks and likes, she’s about the song. While that may not work for many artists, it works for her, and that’s why I listen to her work.

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If you remember, the music biz was ready to get back in business in September 2020. Festivals like Coachella were cancelled in March during the height of the pandemic and were re-scheduled for the late fall. But fall came around and the tours were cancelled. With Broadway shutting down indefinitely with a possible Spring 2021 opening, tours were pushed to the summer. Now, the summer tours are off the table and many are being booked for 2022. At this point, nobody knows. You may as well start booking for 2075. Now that the reality and nerves have settled in, artists are rushing to get product out. They’ve given up on the traditional promo run which is put out a record and start touring.

Bieber has been releasing song after song. His latest song Lonely with benny blanco is really good. Superstar Ariana Grande has announced a new album is on the way. Adele will make a rare public appearance hosting ‘SNL’ for the first time. With tours off the table, the money making avenue is streaming. Think about it, streaming now makes up 85% of all revenue in the U.S – the revenue jumped 12% to $4.8 billion in the first half of 2020.

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NYC based three piece VHS Collection released the 80’s fused upbeat track Searching For The Light. What’s with the 80’s inspired music this year? From Dua Lipa to The Weeknd. I love the 80’s sound but there couldn’t been a worse year to resurrect the 80’s, but we got it anyway. A flurry of new songs that capture multi-layered synthesizers and the punchy electronic drum sounds. VHS collection will add another solid song to your 80’s inspired playlist. Enjoy while it lasts. I’m betting the 60’s are coming back.  Check it out on our KOAR’s indie invaders playlist.

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Universal Music is getting into the hotel business. It will build its first three hotels under the UMUSIC brand. One of those hotels will transform the old Broadwater Resort into a $1.2 billion spot.

Having a portfolio that includes Abbey Road Studios, Capitol Records and Def Jam Recordings, the hotel business seems to be not in the wheelhouse, but not really I suppose. It’s called UMUSIC Hotel. Investors say the UMUSIC Broadwater Hotel in Biloxi will integrate a performance venue and a luxury hotel with an architecture style. Biloxi, Atlanta and Orlando are the first three cities where UMUSIC Hotels will be developed.

Robert Lavia the chairman at Dakia U-Ventures LLC. “Every destination holds a great story just waiting to be told through its cultural heritage and its music,” said Lavia. “Through this new concept, we will both help people discover new ways to channel their love for music and the arts and help empower the transformation of communities worldwide through cultural, inspirational, creative and conscious collaboration. And we’re thrilled to work together with Universal Music Group who shares our vision and passion about the powerful role of culture and music for each community we touch.”

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The Virtual Unlock Festival in aid of The Prince’s Trust ‘Million Makers’ – begins Oct 17th.

The multi-weekend experience will feature a free series of pre-recorded, virtual performances and segments from music artists, comedians and influencers live streamed on a dedicated YouTube channel HERE and donations from “attendees” will raise valuable funds for the youth charity.

The  festival will feature performances from over 250 acts, across four segments: Lifestyle, Music, Comedy and Musical Theatre that will be introduced by hosts Liz McClarnon, Kalpee and Baylen Leonard each week. 

Music artist include Betty Who, Run River North as well as emerging King favorite artists
Ben Wylen, Lee Cole, and Clide.

More information on the Unlock Virtual Festival – including the weekend agendas and line-ups
Instagram and Facebook: @unlockvirtualfestival Twitter: @unlockfestival

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