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Foo Fighters
“The Feast and the Famine”

Taylor Swift
“Shake It Off”

Meghan Trainor
“All About The Bass”

“Take Me To Church”

Tove Lo

Fall Out Boy

“Cool Kids”

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Buzz Track: Hours Gone By

The self released track Hours Gone By has caught our ear by Melbourne artist Kathleen Mary Lee. Lee will take you deep into the heart with this melancholy ballad of kindness and pain which will surely satisfying indie purists. Her sound can be characterised by its lullaby-like melody, haunting vocal style and lyrical artistry.  Her songs will surely find their way on TV shows with those heartbreaking moments.

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Buzz Track: Right This Way

Red Cabin is the solo project of Long Island musician Jonathan Foster. Jonathan was writing some songs that didn’t seem like a fit for his other band (Snowday.) What started as a few songs became enough material for a full length very quickly, and the result was “Right This Way,” Red Cabin’s first release which is filled with indie power-pop jingles with hints of Weezer and The Shins. This first self released track Right This Way has surprisingly won critics over. The song was featured on, on Birp FM’s October 2014 playlist, and as a daily download on Large Hearted Boy.

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So you’ve finally moved into an apartment or house that has enough space for a home studio. Whether it’s a spare bedroom, cellar, basement or shed out in the yard, things are going to get exciting very soon. A home studio means you can unleash your creative genius whenever it comes calling – no need to wait until you get to the studio downtown.

A music recording space needs to fulfill a whole lot of criteria; as well as being a stimulating creative space; it needs to work on a practical level.

Keep it to yourself

You don’t want to annoy your family, housemates or neighbors with loud music, so soundproofing is essential. Using materials that soften and absorb sound limits audio spill outside the studio. Fix acoustic mineral wool to walls and cover with fabric, quilting or even carpeting. In the old days, low-tech solutions such as cardboard egg boxes effectively broke up the sound waves and deadened noise – you could also try studio foam to disperse sound. If you have a decent budget then check out studio-build suppliers who will have a range of acoustic panels, bass traps and diffusers to create the best sound environment and soundproof the space.

Basement studios are ideal because there are no neighbors below. If your studio is above other rooms, lay thick underfelt and carpet on the floor. In classic recording studios, wooden surfaces have always been coveted for their great properties in promoting a warm and earthy sound. If you want happy ears, get as much wood in the studio as you can. From a paneled wooden ceiling, wooden monitor stands and sound desk to wooden shutters to help reduce noise, invest heavily in this music-friendly natural material. CONTINUE READING

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Buzz Track: Heart Attack

A Kings favorite Colour of London will perform tonight at the Delancey in NYC (October 21st). The band released a new track “Heart Attack“. Colour of London is a pop/rock duo from Nashville, TN. They spent 2013-2014 recording their debut EP and building a fan base through heavy touring. In addition, they have partnered with lifestyle brand, Alex and Ani, who feature their music in commercials and stores around the globe.  Colour of London is Kings of A&R latest band to watch.

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