Estella Dawn back with a new upbeat track called Funny Bones. If you’ve been following Estella’s recent singles, you might find that this one stands out.

These lyrics convey a heartfelt story of longing and disappointment in love reflecting on a past relationship, expressing the desire for a deeper connection that was lost. The lyrics capture the emotional journey of moving on, the pain of unfulfilled expectations, and the realization that the person they long for is not the one they deserve.

Estella was born in New Zealand but now lives in the US. Estella is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. She writes, records, and co-produces all her songs. Her music blends different styles and has a growing global audience.

Estella has often been compared to artists like Sia, Adele, Halsey, Billie Eilish, and Lady Gaga. She writes original songs with catchy hooks and a mix of delicate and powerful elements. Estella was a semi-finalist on New Zealand’s Got Talent and has over 80,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

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Supermood drops the debut track Get Away. It’s a great first upbeat song with an interesting story behind it. Think Harry Styles meets Phoenix.

“Get Away is about rushing toward a future without understanding why. It’s about getting caught up in the moment and being propelled forward toward a nebulous dream, while internally grappling with existential uncertainties. It’s a dance between chasing and evading shadows, without getting ensnared by their gravity. It’s a song for motion, be it dancing, running, or driving.”

Supermood grew up learning instruments and writing songs from a young age in New York City. He lived in Kyiv, Ukraine, during the pandemic until the Russian invasion of Ukraine in early 2022. He then became a nomad, navigating different cities and communities in search of a new home. His songs chronicle his adventures seamlessly blending cultures and inspirations from his travels around the world.

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SAPPHIRE releases the pop track Corvette. Fans of Julia Michaels, Lennon Stella, and Madison Beer will love.

SAPPHIRE, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter, has garnered 100 million streams on YouTube for both her original music and cover songs. She gained attention from a young age, starting at 7-years-old by recording herself performing favorite songs. Over time, she grew her socials to 1 million followers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

She has collaborated and co-written with various artists, including DJ and producer Alan Walker, contributing vocals to his track ‘Unity,’ which has clocked over 100 million plays across streaming platforms.

Starting in 2020, SAPPHIRE began releasing her own original music. Her popular tracks like ‘Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)’ and ‘call u mine’ have gained hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify. More recently, her viral TikTok release ‘eddie’s song,’ an ode to Stranger Things character Eddie Munson, garnered millions of listens in 2022.

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NY based LUCA releases the radio ready Best In Me, the third and final single from his highly anticipated forthcoming debut EP.

LUCA notes, “‘Best in me’ is an ode to a past lover. It’s meant to be a song about the acceptance and closure of a relationship. It’s easy to reminisce and fault the other person, but it’s more important to have learned what it is to love and be loved. This song is meant to feel like you’re turning the page onto a brighter chapter.”

LUCA is a 20-year-old musician from Harlem, NY. He started playing the piano at 3, sang in choirs at 11, and picked up the guitar in high school. During the pandemic, he got into music production. His music blends Motown, neo-soul, house, and Afro-funk, with live instruments like guitar and bass. He’s been featured on platforms like Earmilk, Lyrical Lemonade, and COLORS, and his songs are on Spotify’s Anti-pop and Fresh Finds playlists.

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Check out Los Angeles-based artist Ella Rossi and her new single, “Can’t You Tell,” which seamlessly blends R&B, pop, and hip-hop elements. Fans of Ariana Grande will undoubtedly enjoy this track, and it holds the potential to secure a spot on Spotify’s R&B and chill pop playlists.

Ella Rossi’s musical journey began at the age of 9 when she experienced her first taste of fame with an international TV appearance on Italy’s RAI 1 network. Immersing herself in the melodies of The Great American Songbook, she drew inspiration from legendary figures such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday. Additionally, she has a strong affinity for the world of Pop music, finding resonance in the sounds of artists like Ariana Grande, Sade, Jazmine Sullivan, and Sabrina Claudio.

After a two-year hiatus, Ella made her return with the release of her latest single, “Linen,” which has already garnered nearly 90k streams on Spotify. This song is also part of her debut EP titled “Heart Eyes,” scheduled for release later this year.

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