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America entertainment is polarized with politics. But not in India’s Bollywood or South Koreas K-Pop machine. For them it’s dance, song, and escapism. BTS adds $3.6 Billion to the Korean economy.

In America, many claim the ruling class has curtailed creative freedom. Comedian Chris Rock said entertainment is boring.

Entertainment in America WAS a vehicle for escapism. It took us away from reality into a world of imagination. Today, entertainment has become politicized, polarized, and fueled with debate.

Look at the stir around Aaron Lewis and his #1 country song “Am I The Only One” and the backlash against Billie Eilish, and Olivia’s Rodrigo visit to the WH which stirred backlash.

Decades before, artists were immune to criticism. Now, many are scared and are lying low. Let’s face it, entertainers are either polarized or paralyzed.

Do Americans want to escape? Yes they do. They want to escape from the onslaught of media and negativism.

But for this reason, people disengaged. Everybody is an observer, scrolling through hollow TikTok videos in a near hypnotic state.

The artist that steps up the game will win. Olivia Rodrigo won people over with her emotionally charged songs. To get there, you may need to unplug yourself from the grid and once you have something, plug back in. If you’re not pushing something on social media, there is no reason to be on it. Creativity will manifest living outside, not living on social media which is rigged by marketers.

Break out of the matrix. Live outside. Big things will happen.

      MORE Indie Invaders

Check out How Does It Feel by Bonny Lauren. After a quick listen artists like Halsey and Ava Max will come to mind. It could find a home on Spotify’s Pop All Day Playlist or Apple’s Breaking Pop.

The song also landed on New Music Friday, New Music Switzerland, and Pop Brandneu. The Berlin based songwriter has already clocked more than 15 million Spotify streams

Bonny says this about the track: “Its like I see you underwater how did I even feel before, it’s all so blurry since we’re over Oh were over, once more. The first verse directly describes the change of perception of the person who once used to be your lover and best friend. After trying to work a relationship many times, you need to realize, that sometimes you’re better off alone and that you can’t prevent any change of another person or a relationship. You just need to accept it and move on.”

      MORE Indie Invaders

Look out for Generous Gods and the track Snake Oil. Fans of psychedelic and stoner rock will enjoy. The track could find a home on Spotify’s Today’s Indie Rock and New Noise. The indie rock act is influenced by The Animals, Stax Records, The Golden Dawn, Love, and Nina Simone.

The Atlanta based act says “Snake Oil’ is the A side to our new digital 45, ‘Your Psyche Is Showing’ released by Once Around the Sun Records. It was influenced by our travels to Joshua Tree, CA, the humid air of Atlanta in the summer, realizing the passage of time is beautiful, and that those in power will steal the food from your mouth if gone unchecked. Question the dynamics of power in your own life. Question the way you were brought up.”

Also…” Generous Gods loves it’s listeners, money is fake, aliens are real, your ego will betray you every chance it can, the poetry of Wordsworth should have a religion predicated on it, everyone should have to work in the service industry at some point, ‘The Big Lebowski’ is the single greatest achievement in American cinema.”

Stream the track on KOAR’s Indie Invaders playlist.

      MORE Indie Invaders

Look out for Frankie Maurie and the debut track Downfall. You’ll like if you’re a fan of 90’s indie acoustic pop. Think Taylor Swift’s Willow meets Lana Del Rey’s Chemtrails Over The Country Club. The song would fit perfectly on Spotify’s Indie Pop Playlist. The 21 year old Texas based songwriter cites Borns, Hayley Williams, and Jack White as artist influences.

“Downfall is about being head over heels for someone, but not being able to enjoy the happiness because of an overwhelming feeling of fear that this person you love so much might just be your downfall” shares Frankie.

Stream the track on KOAR’s indie invaders playlist.

      MORE Indie Invaders

Check out hating myself in the summer by Rachel Bochner. The track would fit perfectly on Spotify’s Bedroom pop or Today’s Chill on Apple. Fans of Lana Del Rey, Maggie Rogers, Julia Michaels will enjoy. Her previous tracks landed on Spotify’s Indie Pop, Fresh Finds, & soda playlist.

NYC based Rachel Bochner says: “I wrote this song as a way to vent about the constant (and annoying) battle going on in my head about my body image. I know I should love myself as I am, but it’s so hard to shut out the voices and pressures and norms telling you that the way you are isn’t good enough. hating myself in the summer is about being, quite frankly, tired of the bullshit. I’m giving up on saying no to plans because I hate how my clothing looks on me that day, I’m giving up on picking myself apart, and I’m giving up on equating my jeans size to my self worth.”

Stream it on KOAR’s Indie Invaders Playlist. Check out the video here.

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