Check out 24 year old artist from Minnesota FlowFanatic and the track Dumb & Young. I like to call it bedroom indie country with vibe. Fans of Bailey Zimmerman, Morgan Wallen, Brantley Gilbert.

FlowFanatic notes, “This song is for my good friend who passed away in November this past year. It’s emotional but also energetic to capture how he was and how he lit up a room.”

He has performed on television in front of over 25,000 viewers. His last two releases have been played on the radio in London twice. I have collaborated with an engineer who has been nominated for 15 Grammys, and he has mixed two of my latest songs. My last hometown show was sold out.

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Check out French artist Martin Oh’s and the track feel good song “Can’t Leave You Behind“. The song has summer vibes and has been added to over 50 playlists, resulting in more than 5,000 streams on its first day. He produces captivating electronic pop tracks with infectious beats similar to bands like Metronomy, featuring smooth vocals and a mix of synths and guitar.

Martin, a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, has journeyed through music, shaped by experiences and unexpected encounters. Touring Europe with his former band, he’s now evolved into a solo artist, crafting a unique musical style entirely his own.

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Check out Thunder Jackson and the track Steady Freddy. It’s a well crafted indie alternative track with a ‘good chorus’, something that’s missing these days. Thunder calls it, “a necessary antidote to the plastic world we’re currently living in. This was the first song I wrote for this project and it’s a great introduction.”

The track’s debut includes a music video directed by Jarod Evans. Shot in a boxing ring, the video brings the song alive, highlighted by its inspiring beginning. “The hardest battle you will ever have to fight is between who you are now and who you want to be.”

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Check out Laila’s track “I Hope It Kills You” (alternate version). Despite its bold title, this track surprises with its tongue-in-cheek beauty as a ballad, rather than the expected uptempo rocker.

Laila says, “Your lover leaves you for your best friend. Ouch. You take the high road but still pray that karma does her work. This song is meant to be played when you drive home from that breakup, or when you’re crying on the bathroom floor. Take your pick.”

Laila, an actress and singer-songwriter of Jordanian-Canadian descent, gained attention with her initial releases “Strangers at the Airport” and “I Like Girls” at Toronto’s Pride Festival. Her debut EP, “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That,” is now playing on CBC radio across Canada. Recently, she collaborated with artist BRDGS on the upbeat track “I Only Wanna Dance With You.” Additionally, Laila showcased her acting skills in the season finale of Netflix’s “Glamorous,” starring alongside Kim Catrall from “Sex and the City.”

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Check out Brooke and the track “All I Ever Wanted.” Sharing a similar title to Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted,” Brooke’s “All I Ever Wanted” is completely her own. It’s a cool uptempo electro-rock track with attitude. The 20-year-old Brooklyn-based alt-pop artist began releasing music in 2020 and took a three-year hiatus to explore her identity, style, and sound. Brooke is returning in 2024 with her debut EP, “Away.”

Brooke says, “I think I want creatives to feel empowered. This single is for artists that don’t fit the mold of industry expectations, but knowing that we never wanted what they did in the first place. We were never them. That’s a scary realization at first, going against the grain and charting your own path, but this single tackles that in a really playful way. It makes me realize a lot of the “career advice” I’ve been given isn’t relevant to my goals as an artist at all. So I’m like, why tf am I even listening to you right now? And so making this single was about toying with that.

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