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London-based Greta Isaac drops the EP ‘Pessimist’ via Made Records along with the track “How To Be A Woman“. The indie pop artist wrote the 6 song EP with Martin Luke Brown, Matt Zara and Mark Elliot.

“How to Be a Woman is like a list of how I found myself navigating the world from a young age. It’s a bit tongue in cheek but really blunt. I’d like for people to see the humour in it even though it’s a pretty heavy topic” shares Greta.

Radio 1 has been big supporter and she’s landed on Spotify’s Femme Fatale and New Pop UK playlist. Give it a stream on KOAR’s Indie Invaders Playlist.

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Now that TikTok has moved into the mainstream expect a major shaking on the music landscape.

Many professionals will leave the business because of the massive change.
It was find an act, develop the act, find some good songs, build some hype, and push it to radio. That has vanished. The blueprint of breaking an artist has completely changed. You may find yourself asking if there is a blue print at all?

Artist will need to learn a new skill.
You built an instagram following but it’s back to square one. You need to figure out TikTok if you want to succeed in the new music biz framework. Instagram was rather effortless. It was a platform that was used for photo dumping and captions. Emojis replaced engagement.

TikTok forces artists to perform.
This will cull the herd, especially for artists who can’t perform or entertain. TikTok is an amazing introspective tool. It tells you who can act, sing, and dance. It shines the light on Who Can and Who Can’t.

With TikTok, the music biz has become a totally barrier-free market.
Anyone who can act, sing, and dance can find themselves riding the algorithmic wave. The idea of mastering performance has increasingly gone by the wayside.

The TikTok platform has deplatformed the artist.
It’s not about the artist. It’s about the content and the song. This makes it harder for the manager to turn to the artist into brand. More streaming users say song matters more to them than the artist who performed it.

TikTok rewards content and not the creator.
An artist must constantly push out high quality content. It’s not for the lazy or the blockhead. Instagram rewarded the top tier artists with premier shelf space despite the content they rolled out. Sure, TikTok rewards their app stars, but it’s a fairer game. A better game than Instagram. Everybody must work for fame. Whether you’re a mom, a janitor, or Jennifer Aniston.

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Look out for WRENN and the new track Your Friends Like Me Better. A solid track that follows her viral TikTok song Hailey. Although it’s hard to follow up TikTok success, the Los Angeles alt pop rocker could strike again.

WRENN shares, “Did anyone else get super obsessed with one person over quarantine and pictured a whole future with them but then they ended things right as the world is going back to normal? Or is that just me?

She grew a rapid following on TikTok after writing a song about her ex. In fact, she had audio of her ex admitting he was cheating on her. She found herself on the US Spotify Viral Charts after Blake Shelton tweeted her song.

Give it a stream on KOAR’s Indie Invaders Playlist.

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Spotify Singles tops 5B streams.

Who came out on top? Harry Styles’ “Girl Crush” with over 145M streams

The most added to playlists? “Creep” by R3HAB, GATTÜSO, “All Night Long” by Benjamin Ingrosso, and “when the party’s over” by Lewis Capaldi which is my favorite.

The most popular artists to cover have been Post Malone and Bob Dylan.

Senior Producer William Garrett says, “As a producer, it’s so exciting to work with these exceptional artists in the studio and be part of their most intimate creative process. From the first contact with the artist, we create an atmosphere that combines seasoned production and recording experience, professionalism and a mix of vintage gear and the newest tech. All of this plus a healthy dose of vibe sparks the space to create the unique tracks that have become a hallmark of Spotify Singles.”

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Watch out for the London-based quintet Unknown Chapters and the new single release Ink. I like it a lot. Think Vampire Weekend meets Jack Jackson.

The alternative pop-rock act self-released their debut EP “The Age of Dying Radio” in winter 2021, and will roll out a new single every month this year.

“Ink is about seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses. Skies look pink. Problems seem a little smaller. Life seems a little lighter. And nothing can sink your mood” shares the band. Give it a stream on KOAR’s Indie Invaders playlist.

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