Three piece, indie-pop band PEPTALK releases the fun song urs. Inspired by indie-pop groups like The Aces and MUNA, PEPTALK’s “urs” is a high-energy pop track, a perfect song for the end of the summer.

They are both songwriters at heart and have worked with artists and producers in various countries, including the USA, Canada, Sweden, South Korea, France, New Zealand, the UK, and in their home country of Australia. Recently, they collaborated with the popular Australian artist LDRU on his song “Alone Again,” which got featured on playlists. In 2022, they made waves in the K-Pop industry by co-writing Rumble-G’s song “Every Other,” which has gained over 613K views on YouTube. Lara and Phoebe also produce music as PEPTALK under the name ‘Middleman’.

PEPTALK came together because they share a love for writing songs, catchy pop music, and female music icons like Remi Wolf, MUNA, and The Aces. Their previous songs have been featured on music playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. They’ve also performed at various events and festivals across the Australian east coast in their first year as a band, including the Brisbane 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Fan Festival, Moomba Festival in Melbourne, St Kilda Festival, Sydney’s Fringe Festival, Parramatta Lanes, Sofar Sounds Sydney, TedX Brisbane, and as opening acts for Cry Club and Vetta Borne on their tours.

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James Hersey returns with a mega-hit, “Let It Shine.” The new track has everything it should have: a big chorus, sappy lyrics, and James’s radio-ready voice that can make anything he sings sound great.

The new track comes off the new album Let It Shine Album which was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Jeoff Harris (K Flay, Royal & The Serpent).

James says, “My intention behind this album was to create a timeless body of work that tells brutally honest stories from my life. Stylistically I wanted to create a fusion of modern and traditional songwriting and production. It explores painful and positive personal experiences of the past years, centred around the song (and album title) “Let It Shine” – my mantra of perseverance in the face of inner and outer adversity. Musically I want the album to stand out from my previous, more cerebral work, as an energetic and physically compelling album that wants to be seen and experienced as much as heard. It’s written to be performed with my band without the need for computers on stage – to showcase the depth and power of live musicianship, as well as stand against the flood of purely digital music being produced nowadays. Most of the album was recorded in a traditional studio setting – big rooms, loud instruments, and fully analog signal chains that were then mixed and summed digitally to extract the best of both worlds. Three songs were built directly from their original writing demos to preserve their spontaneous nature.”

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SOFY dropped a new song titled Ashely Cole Type Beat, the third track from a brand new mixtape, ‘Chaos and Commotion’, set to release in October. It’s well crafted organized chaos and it brings you back to early the 2000’s.

“It’s a very silly song,” says SOFY. “I think I was feeling a bit chaotic that day. We were talking about people being dickheads and how you can take on a persona that’s not necessarily your own. In ‘Ashley Cole Type Beat’, I was just channelling pure chaos, dickhead energy. It’s got a lot of RATBOY energy – we were listening to ‘MOVE’ from his first project, so we wanted to capture that raucous, ‘fuck everyone’ energy with it.”

SOFY says“’Ashley Cole Type Beat’ is one of the most playful tracks on the mixtape, it’s about hedonism, giving in to temptation and basically being a bit of a dickhead but being totally unapologetic about it – ‘Coz I’m a reckless driver, got no self control, when you’re a semi – pro liar, life’s an open goal ’. I love writing songs like this, where you can just totally lean into a character or an aspect of personality that you wouldn’t usually tap into in everyday life (coz you’d have no frie nds) – it’s like letting the devil on your shoulder write a song for you. It’s such a fun song, and I feel like the production really leans into that as well, it’s got that in – your – face almost playground – esque taunting feeling to it that matches the lyrics really well.”

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Ella Rossi has just released her new single, “Can’t You Tell.” She sounds like an indie version of Ariana Grande – with R&B beats but a more raw edge. Give it a few listens, and you’ll be hooked.

Ella Rossi’s musical journey began at the age of 9 when she experienced her first taste of fame with an international TV appearance on Italy’s RAI 1 network. Immersing herself in the melodies of The Great American Songbook, she drew inspiration from legendary figures such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday. Additionally, she has a strong affinity for the world of Pop music, finding resonance in the sounds of artists like Ariana Grande, Sade, Jazmine Sullivan, and Sabrina Claudio.

After a two-year hiatus, Ella made her return with the release of her latest single, “Linen,” which has already garnered nearly 90k streams on Spotify. This song is also part of her debut EP titled “Heart Eyes,” scheduled for release later this year.

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Noak Hellsing releases “Get Real.” It blends midtempo pop, funk, disco, psychedelic pop, and pop rock ballad. There is something special about this song—the voice, the music. Go listen.

Noak Hellsing, a 20-year-old from Stockholm, has made a big impact on the Swedish pop scene. He’s known for songs like “Lost” (2019), “Good Enough” (2020), and “No Love” (2020), which have collectively amassed over 28 million streams. Growing up in a musical household, Noah started playing the guitar at five years old, thanks to his father’s influence.

Noak notes, “I mainly write about things I have experienced, but also about things in my surroundings. I want my music to be recognizable, and that is the general starting point. For me, melodic language and sound are just as important as the lyrics. And when it comes to lyrics I tend to dig in relationships. Not necessarily romantic relationships but all kinds of relationships.”

He also says “Writing songs for me is sometimes just a pure expression of my passion for music. Other times it’s more of a therapy session. I vent various feelings and experiences I have – or topics that are close to my heart. Then I turn them into pop songs that hopefully many others can relate to. The dream is that people all over the world will listen to my music and recognize themselves. That it will make life a little easier in the more difficult moments.”

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