Small Pools, indie veterans, have released a new track titled “Fake a Happy Face” which explores the challenges of differentiating between social media and real life. As with their previous releases, the song doesn’t waste any time before diving into a catchy chorus.

Smallpools burst onto the music scene with their debut track “Dreaming,” which quickly earned them acclaim and support from alternative radio stations nationwide. Since then, they’ve released several successful albums and EPs, amassing over 400 million streams. The band has toured extensively, headlining sold-out shows and opening for renowned acts like Twenty One Pilots and Walk the Moon. They’ve also graced the stages of major festivals such as Lollapalooza and Firefly.

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Keep an eye out for Faunea and her mesmerizing track “Forever.” It’s as if Billie Eilish and SIA had a musical lovechild.

“I wrote ‘FOREVER’ at a moment in my life when I truly felt like I had found myself and my purpose,” she says. “Throughout the song, I convey my acceptance of being unconcerned with what others think. In the end, I believe it’s about what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. Singing ‘FOREVER’ is my way of expressing a constant inner wish: that I’ll never lose the willpower and courage to believe in myself ever again.”

Faunea gained international recognition as an artist when her song “Sound of Breaking” was featured in the American Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things. Since then, she has written more music and participated in numerous collaborative projects, including songs like Muri’s “Fallin’,” Nonsens’ “Feel That Way,” and the latest collab with the artists Dwonji and Xarxay, “I Can Imagine It All”. Following her most recent release, “Jellyfish”, EQ Music recognized Faunea as a notable figure in pop music.

Stream the song on KOAR’s indie invaders Playlist.

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Watch out for upcoming artist Grace Morin, who goes under the moniker G.3.M, and her new song “ADHD.” “I’m struggling with my ADHD, My brain gets distracted way too easily,” sings G.3.M, with background chants that help pop out the chorus.

An Oklahoma-based singer/songwriter, has an indie folk style. She is inspired by Billie Eilish, Lyn Lapid, and many more. The debut single A.D.H.D. released in January 2024.

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For fans of folk, bedroom pop, and Americana, check out Megan Winsor’s new track “Sure“. The new music video will drop March 23rd.

Meet Megan Winsor, hailing from sunny Southern California blends catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and an indie vibe reminiscent of 80s classics, modern hits, and alternative legends. Megan made her mark with her debut album, CLWNS, in August 2019, and has been performing at venues across Los Angeles while balancing her studies at the University of Southern California. She released her sophomore album, “11,” in the fall on November 11, 2021. Keep an ear out for Megan Winsor—she’s an artist on the rise you won’t want to miss.

Give it a stream on KOAR’s indie invaders playlist.

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Keep an eye out for the band Mt. Joy and their folk-inspired song “Highway Queen“. The song was self-funded and independently released through the band’s own label, Bloom Field Records, in collaboration with Neon Gold Records (known for acts such as Matt Maeson, HAIM, Charli XCX, and others). This summer, Mt. Joy will be opening up for Noah Kahan.

Matt Quinn talks about ‘Highway Queen’, “The song is about being in love with someone you see a bit of yourself in. My wife is from Brazil but left home when she was 15 to chase a dream and had success that has kept her away from home and moved her all over the world ever since. Living away from home corrals your demons in a specific way, you feel like the only way to out run them is to keep moving, and it makes being home torturous. It’s something I personally struggle with so I know it when I see it in someone else, especially someone I love. Now we share a home together and I hope this song can represent a reminder that we have each other to work through it all and hopefully the rest of our lives to figure it out at whatever pace we need.”

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