Check out Arden Alexa and her song “Petty Bitch.” It’s a catchy indie pop song with a big chorus, similar to the late 2000s pop music of artists like Katy Perry.

Arden says this about the song, “After a dramatic friend breakup left me feeling both sad and angry, I needed an outlet to help me get over the grief of losing my childhood best friend. My solution came in the form of this song. What began as just a joke (being mean to anyone is wildly out of character for me) quickly turned into a sort of therapy for me, a way to channel my anger into something so outrageously fun that I was able to work through my feelings about the situation. So, when listeners find that being the bigger person or wallowing in their grief isn’t working, I hope they can turn on this song, scream the lyrics (either privately in their room or directly at the person), and move on!”.

Arden is from San Francisco, and during her high school years, she started out in the local music scene and released her debut single “The Coast” in 2021 and in 2022, she released her first full-length project called “Day Dreams,” a six-song EP. Since becoming a full-time artist in June 2022, Arden has been working on honing her skills, defining her style, and has gained over 20,000 social media followers.

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Elin Blom, who goes by the moniker FELIN, has released the uptempo track “Worst Regret.” The song is infectious, reminiscent of some of the best moments of the 2000s and has quickly made its way to Spotify’s Sweden’s New Music Friday playlist. Think of it as a blend of Avril Lavigne and Clarkson.

Felin says about the song:

“Worst Regret” is about the process of getting over someone. It feels awful, even though you know this person was completely wrong for you. You’re angry at them for breaking your heart, but, most of all, you’re angry at yourself for letting them break your heart. Deep down, you actually knew from the beginning how it would end.

I actually wrote the verses of the lyrics when I was young and heartbroken over a guy in LA 12 years ago. The song was completely different at that time, and even though it never came out, I still loved the lyrics and have carried them with me. I’m happy that they have found new life now in “Worst Regret.”

In 2021, she released the album “Heroes & Villains” and in 2023, she released singles like ‘STFU (Shut The F*** UP)’ and ‘Sick.’

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Watch out for Albert Newton and the track “16 Dimensions.” It’s a unique song reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie, Rush, and Led Zeppelin, all of whom were inspired by sci-fi.

As part of a project set to come out in 2024, the song with a guitar sound gives a glimpse of Albert Newton’s journey with this album. This journey began with an inspiring encounter he had with a quantum researcher and astrophysicist. Amazed by their perspective, the artist went to the studio with the goal of creating a musical gateway into his “metaphysical realm.”

With the assistance of producer Max Baby and inspiration from musical idols like David Bowie, Tame Impala, and Frank Ocean, Albert Newton created 11 tracks. “16 Dimensions” stands out as an otherworldly song that combines electric guitars with lively drum arrangements and dreamy reverb, all harmonizing with Newton’s smooth vocals. This song takes you into Albert Newton’s newly discovered musical world.

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Be on the lookout for Josephine and her track “Sober,” which delves into the highs and lows of life on tour.

Josephine sings, “I’ve been sober since October, but now I smell like cigarettes.”

Fresh from her recent Pink Skies/Magic City Hippies tour, Josephine is currently in the studio preparing for her debut album in 2024, which is set to be released in the new year.

The alternative artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Josephine made waves in 2023 with her debut EPs: “Paradise” in January and “Lost?” in June. She draws inspiration from artists like James Blake, Father John Misty, Frank Ocean, Françoise Hardy, and the heartfelt lyricism of her mother, a folk songwriter from the 70s.

Several tracks on her EPs are helmed by collaborators Arieh Berl (from Pink Skies), a producer known for his work with artists such as 6LACK, Khalid, Neil Frances, The Knocks, and Saint JHN. Josephine also plays synthesizers and sings in the Pink Skies band, and she has been part of three US tours with acts like Kainalu, Magic City Hippies, and Tim Atlas.

Josephine’s personal haven and music studio, named The Cove, is tucked away in Topanga Canyon. Serendipity led her there, and shortly after moving in, she discovered that her landlord had once collaborated with her mother during the 1970s folk movement in Los Angeles. A reunion that had been half a century in the making took place during Josephine’s inaugural sold-out performance at the Shakespeare amphitheater, located just below The Cove, in January 2023.

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Little Bird releases the rocking track “SP ACE,” reminiscent of ’90s rock with its gritty vocals and grungy guitar riff. Acts that incorporated electronics come to mind, such as Garbage and Stabbing Westward. The song could find a home on Spotify’s “Rock This,” “Rock Anthems,” or “Alternative Rock Essentials” playlists.

East Coast based Little Bird released their first song in 2023 called “Out! in the Sun!” which led to their new album “Sweet Happy Life” being continuously released.

They began making music together as a group in 2017 and started building their unique sound with the 2018 album “Familiar,” which was produced by Shane Woods and Jeff Lucci of Mo Lowda.

From 2020 through the next two years, they released a three-part EP series called ‘Alpha,’ ‘Beta,’ and ‘Gamma,’ known as PROXIMA. These records reflect their experiences in life’s ups and downs.

PROXIMA was completed after two years of working on song ideas, voice recordings, Zoom clips, samples, and demos. The band wrote, recorded, and produced the music in a four-bedroom townhouse in Charleston, South Carolina. The lyrics and music were created by pianist Noah Jones and guitarist/vocalist Jay Hurtt.

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