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Mt. Wolf returns with a new track Tayrona. Indie folk lovers should love this, especially fans of Bon Iver, James Blake, and Beach House. Blogs love this band too. The track landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK, Chill Vibes, and Coffee & Chill and garnered some radio play from Australia’s Triple J. Check out the track on Indie Invaders Playlist.

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Charli D’Amelio is currently the most followed TikToker with more than 55 million followers. She is the official TikTok star. She is making the Chinese owned platform so much money and in return they should make her the ambassador, maybe even a partner in the platform. Heck, maybe she can replace Xi Jinping as General Secretary of China. She is the most followed with 55 million followers. When Charli says dance, people dance. When Charli says listen, people listen. Right now, she is the TikTok Queen and it’s time to pay some respect.

Charli D’Amelio is a Connecticut 15-year-old girl and is as real as it gets. Although she danced all her life, she joined TikTok last year and instantly captured fans around the world.

She acknowledges that Tiktok changes everyday and that her place at the top could be temporary. It’s highly unlikely that TikTok will birth another star. She is humble enough to acknowledge that winning streaks are temporary, but in Charli’s case, she’ll be around for a long time because she is a pioneer. Also, the thing about Charli is that her focus wasn’t on becoming a star. She was doing pretty much the exact same thing that she is doing now. It’s a passion for her and it will be hard to outdo her.

She’s pretty creative and doesn’t over think. “Whatever I feel like making, that’s what I’ll make at the time,” Charli says of her creative process on the app. “There’s nothing I use that’s, like, a strategy.”

“I know, no matter what, with or without the followers I’d still be making the same videos,” she insists. “Just as long as I’m having fun.”

It’s simple, Charli D’Amelio’s naturally danced her way to dominance.

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Maia Wright recently released a new track View that’s worth a listen. The chilled-out track was written by Maia, Ifeoluwa Oladigbolu, Kristin Carpenter and Ketil Jansen. The 21-year-old, Sweden artist has writing credits on tracks with artists, such as Tritonal and Young Bombs, as well as a feature on a track with KREAM – all of which were featured on Billboard Dance charts. Give it a stream!

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I stumbled on the track Nowhere To Hide by Los Angeles based Ethan Davis aka Mr. Popular. The track comes off his debut album “Flair For The Dramatic”. It has a Broken feel by Lovelytheband.

“Nowhere To Hide was initially about my anxiety and feeling trapped in it; also me trying to numb that pain of past relationships gone bad,” Ethan Davis said of the song. “By the time the song was finished, I realized it was more about the redemptive side of being stuck. ‘Stuck inside your love with nowhere to hide and I don’t really mind’ means that it’s not always bad to be stuck somewhere. It’s more about your perspective of the circumstances and allowing God or your lover to shape your view of the situation instead of your anxiety”

      MORE Indie Invaders

Nashville electro pop artist Stef released two new songs Jane Doe and Allison Wonderland.  Many artists are walking down the lonely road and writing melancholic songs but Stef is vibrant and writing and releasing up-tempo energetic songs. To be honest, listening to the 20 year old singer-songwriter is a nice break from hearing the hundreds of artists writing songs about social distancing and live-streaming with face masks. Stream the track on Indie Invaders Playlist and you can stream Jane Doe on Spotify’s Fresh Finds.

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