Watch out for Townsend and the new track Didn’t Happen. The track could be become a classic in the sad boy space because it has all the perfect somber ingredients. With one quick listen you’ll comedown and crash with no chance of rebounding. It does what music was intended for, it takes you to a place whether you intended to go there or not and just leaves you there for sometime.

The singer-songwriter and producer is based out of Nashville. With his father being a sound engineer and his mother a comedian, he also followed a creative path. He’s been featured in music blogs such as Glasse Factory, Rockdafuqout, Nagamag and playlisted on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Pop and Pop Rising. Townsend writes and produces music for himself and other artists around Nashville.

Townsend reveals about the song: “It’s about the feeling you get when something good has to come to an end. When the concert you waited forever to go to turns the lights on. When the vacation you’ve been planning for the last year is over. Or when the relationship that brought you so much happiness breaks up. After the high everything else feels low and *almost* makes you wish it never happened in”

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Watch out for Hunter Falls and the track Stay The Night released via REVO. Fans of Lewis Capaldi, Dean Lewis, or James Blake will like the mid-tempo song that hopes you stay the night. Having experienced different cultures, the brand new artist blends r&b, soul and pop. Check out the lyric the video and give it a listen on KOAR’s Indie Invaders Playlist.

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Watch out for The Moving Stills and the track Truthfully released via Sureshaker. If you’re an indie act, this is where you want to be and sound like. The track would fit perfectly on Spotify’s Dreamy Vibes and Indie Pop Playlist. The track comes off their forthcoming album Sunshine Corner – out January 28, 2022)

The South Wales’ act have been making their presence known on the live scene, appearing at Aussie festivals including Neck of the Woods, A Day On The Hill, Hidden Lanes, The Big Pineapple, Bello Winter Music Fest, Australian Music Week and Woodford Folk Festival. The band also has sold out headline shows under their belt in Byron Bay, Mona Vale, Thirroul, Crescent Heads and Sydney.

“In terms of the album theme, we write songs based on our experiences and what we know. It’s definitely honest and heartfelt. Hopefully some of our experiences connect with the people listening to it. With ‘Waste My Time’, it’s about ignoring any discouragement from others and making the most of opportunities and your time. Being selective about what you put energy into. I guess also just chasing a dream or passion and the journey and lessons that come with that.”

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KRYSTOF impresses with the track Radio. Think heartbroken emo pop and Dashboard Confessional. The track was released via GRS MUSIC / Global Rockstar GmbH and could find a home on Spotify’s Sad Songs Playlist.

The 19 year old is based out of Carinthia, Austria. Growing up in a musical family, and his mother being a pro folk-singer, KRYSTOF dropped several tracks in 2021. Radio received support from radio including Hitradio Ö3 which is Austria’s biggest. He also received support from Bong Mines Entertainment Uranium Waves, Pop Muzik, and Glasse Factory Soave.

KRYSTOF notes: “Radio is a song about a breakup, where one of the broken-hearted still believes in us, even though they got hurt. I wrote the song after I put out my previous song called One of the Few Things” (I ́m so sure of), because it ended up in a breakup. The song is a message to all the hopeless romantic ones out there”.

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Kings favorite Nate Merchant drops his 5th and last single this year I Hate It Here. Since his first release the Los Angeles indie artist has been stuck in the 80’s and doesn’t plan on moving from the neon era. Next year in 2022, when the pandemic over, everything will make sense and the 80’s will make a full blown resurgence. The track was produced by John Taylor from Duran Duran.

Merchant says: “I wrote I Hate It Here during the lockdown back in 2020. It’s really a song that was therapeutic for me and helped me handle being isolated. Initially the production was much darker but Isaiah Tejada got his hands on it and created a beautiful arrangement of sparkly synths which I thought was a great juxtaposition to the lyrics. This was also the first tune I got to work on with John Taylor of Duran Duran who helped bring it across the finish line.”

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