Swedish sibling duo, Sixten, has recently released a delightful indie track titled “Ocean In Me“. The song has a soft and dreamy feel to it, taking inspiration from the indie boom of the late ’80s and early ’90s. It captures the essence of the alternative music scene of the early ’90s and features a distinct and ethereal voice that can’t be ignored.

The track has the potential to be included in popular Spotify playlists such as Indie Acoustic, Lost in Folk, Indie Rock, Road Trip, Indie Mixtape, and Alternative 10s.

Since releasing their debut EP, ‘Chance of Rain,’ in 2016, the duo has gone on to release a series of gold-certified singles, which have led to performances both within and outside Scandinavia. However, they are now looking forward to the future and the next chapter in their artistic journey, with a new EP on the horizon. The single ‘Misemotional’ will be the first stop on this new road.

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Check out Benison’s track “Running From It” for a Post Malone meets The Kid Laroi vibe.

‘Running From It’ is a story about Benison, who is struggling to move on from an old love. He feels empty without them and longs for things to be the way they used to be.

The track could easily secure a spot on Spotify’s top playlists such as Chill Rap Vibes, RapCaviar, Feelin’ Good, and Vibes Right.

Benison is a 17-year-old Melanesian artist hailing from Southern Western Australia. He gained recognition with his debut single “Losing Sleep,” which showcases his raw emotion and introspection in the smooth indie-pop genre. Benison cites Dominic Fike, Post Malone, and Frank Ocean as his influences. His track received acclaim from Triple J and earned the title of “Best Breakout Tune” in Triple J’s 2023 yearbook. Additionally, it was featured on various Spotify editorials, including ‘New Music Friday AU & NZ’ and ‘Pop n’ Fresh,’ as well as Apple Music’s ‘The Sound,’ ‘Antidote,’ and ‘Glow.’ Benison’s melancholic lyrics and musical style have garnered him a significant following. He just finished his debut performance at the ‘Leavers’ festival in Dunsborough, Western Australia on November 20th.

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Twins Of June dropped the upbeat acoustic electronic track “You & I.” It’s a fun mix reminiscent of the 90s, combining the vibes of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with catchy “Uh Uh Oh’s.” If you’re looking for something to quickly distract you (in a good way), give this a listen. Check out the animated music video here.

Twins of June, hailing from the South of Denmark, truly embody their name as the duo is composed of twins.

Twins of June made a strong entrance with their debut EP ‘Memories’ in 2015, hitting the #1 spot on iTunes’ Singer-Songwriter list in Denmark. Drawing inspiration from singer-songwriters and folk artists like Passenger, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, and Mumford & Sons, Twins of June made some waves years. Their singles, such as ‘Out of Time’ (2016) and ‘Around You’ (2018), climbed to #2 on the charts.

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If you yearn for the days of emo, when bands like The Used, Story Of The Year, and Saosin ruled the airwaves, look no further. Silos has just released their latest single, “Lighthouse,” and it will transport you back to the MTV2 era. You won’t be disappointed. They also brought in some heavyweights to add to the vibe, including Crazy Town, known for their megahit “Butterfly.”

‘Lighthouse’ is a very special song about finding love in a dark place,” shares GARRISON. “Coming out of a long battle of addiction and into a new journey of sobriety, I met someone who helped carry me through and light my path. Also, in this time frame I met Seth ‘Shifty’ from Crazy Town who was on a similar journey. After I had this song, I couldn’t think of a better person to feature on it and be in the music video. He’s a ladies’ man, an OG and understands the lyrics more than anyone I know. This song is a supersonic blast through pop, rock and electronic and the music video we have for this is as EPIC as can be. We are excited for ‘Lighthouse.’”

SILOS, based in LA, is a band with members from around the globe—bassist Philip Strange Nielsen (ex-CrazyTown) from Denmark, guitarist Nick Dromin from Ukraine, and drummer David Rehmann and guitarist Ramón Blanco Ariza from Spain, both with touring time for Grandson.

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Look out for Luke Whalen’s new 3-song EP, ‘Maybe This is Who I Am.’ I was pleasantly surprised after giving it a stream. The first song, “Rooftop,” feels like Post Malone grabbed an acoustic guitar, followed by The Kid Laroi jumping in on the second track, “Sixteen.” “Mixed Signals” is where Luke Whalen finds his own space. If you’re after something chill with melodies that stick in your head, this is it.

Meet Luke Whalen, a 17-year-old independent artist from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He’s on a musical journey crafting pop/indie tunes, doing it all solo—mixing, mastering, songwriting, publishing—he’s a one-man show, except for the instrumentals.

Whalen says about the EP, “”Of course it feels good to get these things off my chest, but for me it feels even better that others can relate and feel a similar way through these songs.”

In 2019, Luke ventured into music, influenced by his mom’s singing background and his dad’s writing skills, Luke believes he got the best of both worlds. He recently performed at the Durango Songwriting Expo. With 15 singles and a music video under his belt, he’s racking up nearly 250,000 streams on Spotify. His debut EP, “Maybe This is Who I Am,” dropped on November 24th,

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