Tessa Rae has released “Secret Language“, a lo-fi song that takes you on a psychedelic trip reminiscent of 90’s Mazzy Star.

Tessa Rae, a native of California, moved from Oakland to Los Angeles early in life. Growing up in a family of creatives who founded Wasteland clothing stores, she was surrounded by fashion and music. Her dad’s vinyl and mom’s vintage rock t-shirt collections shaped her diverse taste.

Tessa’s music is a mix of personal storytelling and unique melodies. Featured in various platforms like Pigeons & Planes and Alternative Press, her latest release, “Secret Language,” is an experimental acoustic ballad. The song explores the idea of a romance that never happens, looking at it from her future self’s perspective. It’s a glimpse into her world of bittersweet emotions. This release comes ahead of her debut project in 2024, “Sweetly, Softly.”

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Straight from the heart of New York City’s music scene, shira is making waves with their much-anticipated debut single, ‘always easy.’ Produced by Gordon Raphael (known for The Strokes) and engineered by Travis Harrison (Guided by Voices, Built to Spill), shira’s music is a blend of indie pop, dream pop and garage rock.

The track could easily be featured on Spotify’s playlists for Garage Rock Classics, Indie Garage Jams, Modern Garage Rock Hits, Garage Revival Vibes, and Lo-fi Garage Rock Gems.

This track is quickly becoming a favorite for 2023, ‘always easy’ captures the essence of living in a world of illusions, delivering a powerful mix of classic indie rock and enchanting shoegaze sounds.

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Meet Beks, a rising star from Brisbane whose music has caught the attention of NME Australia, Pilerats, Purple Sneakers, Tone Deaf, and Thomas Bleach. This singer-songwriter who just dropped the song I’m That Girl, has a growing fanbase, consistently hitting the charts on iTunes, even peaking at #3 on the global iTunes Dance Charts with the track “Devoted.”

Beks has not only made waves in the music scene but also landed two consecutive Australian ad campaigns for Channel 7’s Home and Away with songs like “The Thing About Us” and “Devoted.” Her music is now playing in over 10,000 retail stores across Australia.

Beck says about the song, “I’m That Girl’ is about being THAT girl who thrives in the new world. She’s bold, independent, lifts as much as the guys in the gym and takes care of her needs. She’s ambitious and self reliant and charges towards her dreams relentlessly in 6 inch heels, that is until someone stops her in her tracks. That someone makes her all soft and mushy and THAT girl is unrecognisable.”

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MICHA just released a cool track called “Little Man.” It’s unique, tells a story, and captures emotions. A nice break from the typical copy-and-paste tracks flooding the music scene. Fans of Ed Sheeran, James Arthur, Calum Scott, James Bay, Lewis Capaldi will enjoy.

In MICHA’s new song, “Small Steps,” you’ll hear about a mom worrying about her son and not knowing how to help. “She said / Oh my child I wanna see you smile again / I miss my little man I miss his light / The shadows in your room are ready to attack / And I’m terrified you’re gonna lose the fight.”

MICHA, as a solo artist, is a relatively fresh face in the music industry. Despite his newcomer status, you might recognize his name from elsewhere! Despite his youth, his musical prowess gives the impression of someone with years of songwriting experience. In the early stages of his career, pre-pandemic, MICHA was part of the duo Micha and Julia, garnering just shy of 3 million streams by year’s end. However, the allure of a solo journey beckoned, leading MICHA to embark on his own musical path.

Currently based in Nashville, MICHA is diligently building his solo career and is slated to play over 40 different locations during his upcoming tour.

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British indie-rockers SEA GIRLS return with the folky Million Years.

Million Years” is a bit different from their usual sound. It starts with acoustic guitar melody that keeps things simple and kinda folky. It’s a chill tune, showing a softer side of SEA GIRLS that you might not have heard before.

Sea Girls, a British indie rock band since 2015, is all about good vibes and catchy tunes. The cool quartet includes Henry Camamile (singer and guitar), Rory Young (lead guitar), Andrew Dawson (bass), and Oli Khan (drums).

They’re known for their lively shows and feel-good indie rock anthems. “Damage Done” was their first big hit under Polydor, released on May 7, 2019. Before that, they kicked things off with “Call Me Out” on June 1, 2017, and a cool EP with the same name on June 8, 2017. They kept the music flowing with “Heavenly War” on January 4, 2018, and “Adored” on June 5, 2018. Their first EP with Polydor, “Under Exit Lights,” dropped on March 6, 2020.

Sea Girls is not just about singles—they’ve got two awesome albums, “Open Up Your Head” in 2020 and “Homesick” in 2022. And guess what? Both albums rocked the UK Top 3 charts!

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