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Look out for Elias Boussinina and his track Pinewood.  It will relax you. Think Maroon 5 meets The Weeknd. The Danish-Tunisian artist has landed on a bunch of Spotify playlists including Chill Hits. Again, I really like the track and now I want to visit Denmark because he says the country plays a big part in my music. Give it a stream on Indie Invaders playlist.

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Digrasso, 24 year old Pop/EDM producer from Stockholm nails it with the track ‘Make It Last’. It’s pure pop ear candy pop. The track was produced and written by Digrasso himself. The inspiration for the song came from the 1987 heavy metal song ‘’Wild Side’ by Mötley Crue. I honestly can’t hear and similarities but if “Wild Side” birthed another great song, so be it. Give it a listen.

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I really Like We Used To Be by Peter Katz. Is it me or is chill pop taking over? Because this a really good chill pop track. The single was written by Katz and co-writer and Grammy-Award winning producer/songwriter Rich Jaques. Katz previous releases landed on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts – he was also nominated for a Juno Award.  Give it a stream on our Indie Invaders Playlist.

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Australian singer-songwriter Evie Irie released the new track Worst Enemy.  It reminds of an ‘updated’ Lorde. The track was produced by Greg Kurstin, who has worked with Adele, Sia, Paul McCartney.  Her 2019 EP 5 weeks in LA was literally written in 5 weeks and of course a much different LA than it is now. Within that time the 16 year old secured a lawyer, management, a record deal, an agent, a publisher. Give the track a stream.

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Lauren Daigle weighs on the current state of affairs in a near hour  instagram post. She goes on to say the issue is the heart of man not caring about one another. Looking beyond color and seeing the soul. “There are ways to use anger for good, and ways to use anger for evil. Seeing what happened to George Floyd should illicit anger.”

She is fully for protesting but condemns the burning down of buildings. “It doesn’t serve a purpose. It goes against loving your neighbor as yourself. She warns of falling into the same trap of using force as a monster or rights as a monster.”

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