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Watch out for singer songwriter Kendra Checketts and the track Blasé. You’ll love if you like quirky upbeat indie pop. The new track comes off her forthcoming debut EP. It could fit nicely on Spotify’s Indie Pop Playlist.

The 22 year-old San Diego worked herself on the 16th season of The Voice where she worked with Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Kendra made it to 14th overall on the show’s 16th season. Vocally she’s been compared to Adele, Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse. She performed at House Of Blues San Diego, Qualcomm Stadium, Marriott and Westroot.

Checketts released her hit single “I’m Not Sober” with producer Clueless Kit that clocked over 1.9 million streams on Spotify.

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Foo Fighters wrapped up their 3 hour performance at NYC’s MSG. They brought out Dave Chapelle to sing “Creep. It was the first full capacity show in NYC in 14 months since the onslaught of Covid.

Taylor Swift will rerelease her fourth album, Red, this fall on November 19th. This follows the endless war with music exec Scooter Braun, who purchased the masters in 2019.

Sony Music Australia CEO Denis Handlin is dismissed over a toxic workplace. His 50-year tenure at Sony Music Australia has ended over a workplace that was riddled with sexual harassment, intimidation, excessive drinking, and unchecked sexism.

Benny Blanco, Ed Sheeran, Halsey and Khalid are getting sued for copyright infringement over Blanco’s debut single ‘Eastside’. Konstantine Lois and Shane Williams of the band American XO claim the track has strong similarities to their 2015 song ‘Loveless’. Listen here. They claim Blanco must have come across ‘Loveless’, and copied parts of it for ‘Eastside’.

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Look out for Jamie Lee Harrison and the pop ballad Say It Out Loud. Hailing from Newcastle, the pop track was produced by Lewis Gardiner who is known for his work with Ellie Goulding, Nick Jonas and Chvrches.

“The song speaks to that bond you have with someone special when you know what you’re both feeling, but you don’t want to ruin it by saying anything” shares Jamie.

I would put Jamie in the same category as the German breakout artist Zoe Wees. Big in your face vocals paired with big anthems.

He first made waves on Britons Got Talent in 2017 and turned heads with ‘Everybody Hurts’ by REM. In 2017 he released his debut album ‘Reflection’, followed with a 2018 album ‘Powerful’. Give it a stream on KOAR’s Indie Invaders.

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Look out for Annie Elise and the new track We Can Pretend. You’ll love if you like a dreamy vocal and synths. The 20 year old has a voice that stands out, and was a classically trained violinist before embarking on an electronic pop journey.

The former Berklee student gave a talk at TEDxLancaster that became the most-watched TEDx talk on the subject of synesthesia which physically makes her see sound and hear color. Annie notes, “I loved being able to create sounds that produced colors I liked. It felt like being a conductor of an orchestra, except I was a conductor for color.”

“We Can Pretend” is a song about the space between dreams and reality. We initially wrote it to be about a false awakening, you know, when you wake up in your dream but you’re still asleep – but the song turned into so much more than that” shares Elise.

The track would fit nicely on Spotify’s Soft Pop Playlist and Apple’s Pop Delights. Give it a stream on KOAR’s Indie Invaders Playlist.

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DJ David Guetta sells his song catalog to Warner for $100 million. Max Lousada, CEO, Warner Recorded Music, says, “It’s rare for an artist to not only define a genre, but transform it. David has been doing that for over two decades – igniting worldwide audiences and influencing whole generations of talent.

Apple claims Shazam surpassed one billion Shazams per month. Shazam is a platform that is rarely talked about but used everyday. Apple plans to develop the music discovery app into a full-blown utility platform.

Spotify launched “1 Billion Streams Club” Playlist that features song with more than a billion streams including Tones and I “Dance Monkey”, The Weeknd “Blinding Lights”, Post Malone’s “Rock Star”, Lewis Capaldi “Someone You Love”, and more…

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