Norwegian up & comer Eline Noelia drops playful new track I’m Good. You may love if you’re looking for something unique and quirky and reminiscence of Britney.

The 23 year old powerhouse hails from Tønsberg, Norway and is inspired by 2010’s pop and vocalists from the 90’s, like Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and Céline Dion. Eline grew up surrounded by musicians and started to write and record songs when she was 7 years old.

Eline crafted her sound with new collaborators after signing with Warner Music Norway in November 2021, Noelia released her debut single “Ecstasy” January 10th through MGP – the national selection for Eurovision song contest. In March she dropped the 80’s inspired “Shockwave” and then “Don’t Pray For Me” in late July.


LA based Madison Marshall released her debut track Ladybug. Fans of Clairo, Phoebe Bridgers, Faye Webster, Chloe Moriondo, and Ella Jane will love the track. The song would fit perfectly on any Spotify indie playlist.

“This was the first song I wrote that I truly loved and I was able to see myself as the songwriter I always wanted to be. Ladybugs were my favorite animal as a child and it was really cool to see them become a motif in my songwriting.”


Rapper Tom MacDonald and his new track Sheeple sits at #1 on the Billboard Rap Digital Song Sales Chart. The do-it-yourself-rapper has repeatedly hammered the iTunes, Billboard, and YouTube Charts with his tracks including Everybody Hates Me, Fake Woke, People So Stupid, Clown World and Snowflakes.

MacDonald has charted three entries on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, all in 2021: “Fake Woke” (peaking at No. 96 last February), “Snowflakes” (No. 71, June) and “Brainwashed” (No. 89, August).

Who is the bigger indie rapper? It’s Tech N9ne, with Tom MacDonald a few feet away.

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Hazlett shares Downhill, probably my favorite track on his EP, Oh Downhill, which is side A of his upcoming 1st full-length album. The indie folk artist is doing everything right, and in my opinion, sits on top of the heap, and could be minutes away from going viral. Right now, he’s resting as an unheard gem.

The 18:00 minute EP punches hard with tracks “Please Don’t Be,” “Even If It’s Only,” “My Skin,” and “Everybody Hates Me,” and of course “Oh Downhill.”

Hazlett says, “I don’t know what is ingrained in human nature that makes us run back to things that are bad for us, people that don’t like us, or compare ourselves to strangers’ lives.” He adds, “When you look back after a moment like this happens, it’s so confusing. But in that moment, it’s all you can care about and all you can focus on. This song is a little homage to this broken little world we are all trying to swim in.”

Check out the official video here.

      MORE Indie Invaders / POSTED BY: KINGSOFAR

BELARO released the two sided single “THIS IS GON’ GET MESSY” which features “Come As You Are (Nirvana)” and Cheers. Fans of Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and Kehlani will love.

‘Cheers’ is a soulful R&B bad b*tch anthem that will resonate with anybody who has experienced a messy breakup.” says BELARO .

BELARO has performed at Hollywood’s The Peppermint Club and has landed on Spotify editorial playlists such as Just Hits, Fresh Finds, and Fresh Finds: Pop.

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