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The promising up and coming producer Mokita drops the Take It Back.  The track also has Ella Vos on vocals. The Nashville based singer-producer whose real name is John-Luke Carter has quietly clocked over 100 Million streams on Spotify while his remixes of Demi Lovato and Maggie Rogers have done quite well. In a recent interview Mokita notes, “I just want to be known as someone who was an honest person, and a nice person that loves people well” – “Once you get down to legacy, I don’t really even care about the music.”  Today, more than ever we want relatability. Give the song a stream.

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I Love You I’m Sorry by Mel Bryant & the Mercy Makers got stuck in my head. The track would be a favorite on your local alternative station in the 90’s. Maybe it would reach the top 5, sandwiched between Ben Folds Five ‘Brick’ and Cracker’s ‘Low’.  I have to give props to those acts who are steadfast in resurrecting the nineties. Who doesn’t have a soft spot for the alternative rock of that era? The 4 piece indie act resides in Nashville. The band moved from Philly and New York to settle in East Nashville where they run their own recording studio. They are working on their debut album.

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You have to give Coldplay props after the band put their plans on hold to tour over the environmental impact of their concerts. They’re one of the few acts that walk the walk, not talks the talk. We need more of them.

After talking to several managers and artists we have a new global issue that’s on the level or even more problematic than climate change. It’s the cov19 pandemics and the next pandemic. What does this mean for the future touring industry? It means a lot. It means stadium tours could be a thing of past.

Many managers and artists agree that we have a ‘moral responsibility’ and a role to play in preventing the next pandemic while flattening the curve of the present COV19 pandemic. That could mean no more huge stadium tours. No more artist meet and greets. Artists performing in smaller and intimate outside sheds could be the answer. In the event of the public health crisis, more artists are focusing on live streaming their shows.

There are few big stadium tours that are set to kick off in summer that most likely won’t happen.  In fact, no way it’s going to happen. The Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe Stadium tour is set to kick off June while The Hella Mega Tour that features Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer begins in May.

We are all in this together and we’ll all figure this out.

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I really like Savages by the alternative indie act Council. It has big anthem, kind of reminds me of Imagine Dragons and those type of acts. The song was meant to coincide with syncs in March Madness, MLB and other sporting events, but the coronavirus epidemic happened and has caused the events to be canceled. Fortunately for the bands sake, the lyrics ‘we live like savages’ is still relevant today because a crisis can bring out the worst in people. The track was producer Matt Squire who helmed records for Panic at the Disco! and UnderOath. Check out the track on our Indie Invaders Playlist.

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It’s official, Dua Lipa is the biggest pop artist now. Her success caught critics by surprise because most artists aren’t given a second chance after a first successful album.  They are usually written off as a one-hit-wonder, more than ever in the digital streaming era.

The smart artist quickly realize they need  a catalogue of unforgettable songs once they catch the publics attention. Dua Lipa took this approach. She used the same songwriting/production team that crafted her worldwide smash New Rules and  followed it up with Don’t Start Now.

Whereas many artists like Lady Gaga chose to postpone their albums, the Brit singer moved up her release. Fortunately for her, critics love her album, giving it the best album of 2020 so far.

No doubt the up-beat 80’s inspired album Future Nostalgia has an untimely release. But maybe this is what people need now during pandemic. I don’t know. Her songs are dance-floor ready but the clubs are closed.

Here is the thing. I like Dua Lipa. Where many artists are live streaming social distancing and clean-your-hand skits – Dua Lupa still is a mystery and unknowable.

According to reports, the singer now currently self-isolating in an Air B&B in London.

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