Los Angeles-based pop duo YVR dropped the new track “Messy”. It has big hooks that could go on the album of any seasoned pop artist and probably chart. Think Tove Lo meets Betty Who. The duo is made up of Courtney Jenae who began as a solo artist and rose to popularity on YouTube while Stephen Stahl is a music producer. Additionally, the couple worked with and wrote songs for K-POP acts like Exo and Girls Generation. YVR tells Kings “The song is about the power of having your cake and eating it too regardless of what the consequences may be”.  Give it a stream.

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Krowns dropped the second track Fake It that comes off of their new album in January. The alternative three-piece from Canada worked with music producer Stephen Kozmeniuk (Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar) – crafting electro rock songs with big hooks. Although I really loved the debut track High While The World Ends – the new single Fake It is more innovative with the band starting to sound like themselves.
Plus, this is a better track written about peer pressure:
“We fake it to survive We fake it
We fake this plastic life We fake it
They don’t know what it’s like
To be locked out of paradise
Always hiding behind this disguise”

Give the track the stream!

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The NFL first made waves when it revealed that it does not pay its halftime acts a performance fee. The NFL may want to consider coughing up money because artists simply don’t want the gig anymore. You would think artists would jump at the opportunity to perform for a 100 million watchers.

Although the NFL likes to have younger artists perform, regardless, Maroon 5 took the non-paying Super Bowl gig. The pop band reached out to a half of dozen stars to appear as featured guests, but none have agreed. According to sources, the featured guests including Cardi B, Andre Benjamin, and Mary J. Blige turned down the offer.

As one insider said about the halftime show, “Nobody wants to be associated with it.”

But why? Some say the NFL became overly controversial with a player’s right to protest. A-list artists don’t want the risk of alienating their fanbase for a non-paying gig. Since Atlanta will host the Super Bowl, Maroon 5 is looking for a local act to perform with them.

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Fil Bo Riva has become a Kings favorite with his unique indie rock sound. Musically, Fil Bo Riva has no boundaries and that’s why it’s so good and feels authentic. The grand wizard behind the act is Filippo Bonamici. He was born and raised in Rome then relocated to Berlin. His debut EP made impact in 2012 which saw him open for Matt Corby, Aurora, and Milky Chance. Now, he’s been headlining all across Europe. There is something brewing with Fil Bo Riva. If a 2019 version of Bohemian Rhapsody was possible, I’d bank on Filippo to pen it. Give the latest track L’over a spin. contact@filboriva.com

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Indie artist Joe Wood releases the track Try.  It’s a solid track that is tainted by the 80’s with its layered synths, big harmonies and a sax.  He’s a DIY artist that writes and produces all of his tracks in his Brooklyn apartment. Mind you, I see a resurgence in the Brooklyn music scene. Joe notes, “My songs process my feelings of nostalgia, and the passion and desire I have buried deep inside to take risks and break free from the comfort of the past”.  Additionally, he just wrapped a show with Kings favorite Fly By Midnight at the City Winery. Give it a listen!

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