Spotify has launched The Kid Laroi (real name Charlton Howard) to outer streaming space under it’s emerging artist program. The 17 year old rapper has 11 million monthly Spotify listeners landing on playlists including RapCaviar, Pop Rising, Most Necessary. He has collaborated  with Marshmello, Lil Tecca, Lil Tjay, and Lil Mosey. Laroi garnered attention after becoming a finalist in the triple j Unearthed High in 2018. He then released ’14 with a dream’ EP and later signed a deal with rapper Lil Bibby’s record label Grade A Productions. Laroi dominated the charts in his native home Australia, the US, and most of the international charts with the mix tape ‘F*CK LOVE. What can I say? This kid went from the cradle to conquering the charts – the stream count is ridiculous.

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Harry Hudson shared a touching new song Overwhelmed. The track comes off his new album Hey I’m Here For You out Nov. 20 via MSFTS/Roc Nation. Hudson says, “We wrote and recorded it in like 30 minutes. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album.” The 27 year old has a colorful bio. Although not a household name he has nearly a million Spotify monthly listeners. He was also diagnosed with cancer at 20. He beat cancer and just as he was releasing his first album, however, Hudson’s father died. But you know what? The best songs come from dark times. Give it a listen on KOAR’s Indie Invaders Playlist


If you remember, the music biz was ready to get back in business in September 2020. Festivals like Coachella were cancelled in March during the height of the pandemic and were re-scheduled for the late fall. But fall came around and the tours were cancelled. With Broadway shutting down indefinitely with a possible Spring 2021 opening, tours were pushed to the summer. Now, the summer tours are off the table and many are being booked for 2022. At this point, nobody knows. You may as well start booking for 2075. Now that the reality and nerves have settled in, artists are rushing to get product out. They’ve given up on the traditional promo run which is put out a record and start touring.
Bieber has been releasing song after song. His latest song Lonely with benny blanco is really good. Superstar Ariana Grande has announced a new album is on the way. Adele will make a rare public appearance hosting ‘SNL’ for the first time. With tours off the table, the money making avenue is streaming. Think about it, streaming now makes up 85% of all revenue in the U.S – the revenue jumped 12% to $4.8 billion in the first half of 2020.

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Watch out for LA-based singer-songwriter Elizabeth Woolf and her new album “Till It’s Dark Outside”. She’s a story teller and these albums take a longer to complete. It took 3 years to put the album together. Elizabeth notes, “One of my artistic heroes, Lianne La Havas recently released an album that took her five years”. Check out the track Valencia. Elizabeth says, “It’s a song about getting closure from a past relationship, inspired by a phrase my father told me “all relationships are unresolved”. It started on acoustic guitar after a trip to San Francisco”. Give it a stream on KOAR’s Indie Invaders Playlist.


NYC based three piece VHS Collection released the 80’s fused upbeat track Searching For The Light. What’s with the 80’s inspired music this year? From Dua Lipa to The Weeknd. I love the 80’s sound but there couldn’t been a worse year to resurrect the 80’s, but we got it anyway. A flurry of new songs that capture multi-layered synthesizers and the punchy electronic drum sounds. VHS collection will add another solid song to your 80’s inspired playlist. Enjoy while it lasts. I’m betting the 60’s are coming back. Check it out on our KOAR’s indie invaders playlist.

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