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I’m really liking Brand New by singer songwriter Taylor Holyfield. It’s a cool indie electro track. It was early in 2020 when she stepped in a studio for the first time. I find some of the earliest songs written are some of the purest. The Flint, Michigan native moved to Austin and is currently working on her first EP which she is planning on releasing October 2020. Give it a stream on KOAR’s Indie Invaders Playlist.

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Wellness apps are a hot ticket right now and they’re getting artists to partner up. What made them so popular? Hmmm…maybe hurricanes, natural disasters, pandemic, political polarization, 24 around the clock negative news? Yeah, that’s it.

So the meditation business has turned into cash cow with millions of subscribers and streams. The Calm app made deals with Atlantic, Capitol and Interscope. For instance, Harry Styles partnered with the meditation app and talks through a 40-minute sleep story titled “Dream With Me.” Sam Smith recorded an hour-long “Sleep Combine” of their hit “How Do You Sleep?”.

Of course not everyone is sold on the idea of mega stars putting them to sleep.
Do you want a bad boy Harry Styles putting you to sleep having you imagine holding hands and snuggling on a raft?

Or what about this line?
“Flanked by fields of sunflowers, hand in hand we walk, as the gentle sound of nature, surrounds us while we talk”

I like the portrait of Harry Styles that lives on radio and the videos. I’m not sure about his voice putting me to sleep.
Listen, I’m all about artists cashing in, but sometimes it’s good to say no. I would probably say no to this.

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I’m liking Vertigo from Luca & Julia. It’s poppy, sounds familiar and unique enough to know I’m not listening to the blandest of the bland on top 40. Well, Luca & Julia is a brother sister duo and it’s their first collaboration with Adam Christopher. The duo cite artists like Fleetwood Mac as influences. Check it out on KOAR’s Indie Invaders Playlist.

Check out Warm by KIT. It has a fun. vibe (not the adjective, the band). This is the first track release from his debut 4-track EP. It sounds great and it was mastered by Grammy award winner Joe Laporta (Lizzo, Sam Fender, Yungblood). Studying songwriting and performance at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, he says he channeled inspiration from Lauv, Troye Sivan and Jack Anotonof. OK, I nailed it, I mentioned the band fun. before even reading about his Jack Anotonof influences. Obviously, Anotonof was the main songwriter in fun. and went to work with Lana Dal Rey and those types. Check it out, I added the track on KOAR’s Indie Invaders.

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Watch out for UK’s indie pop Sianon and the track Make Me Jealous. It’s a pretty cool track, almost reminds me of Tay Tay, but Sianon (pronounced Shannon) is a stronger singer. The 22 year old singer/songwriter went to music college in Brighton, England and majored in songwriting which makes sense because she’s pretty good at it. She won best folk song in a international songwriting competition. The track also landed on Spotify’s New Pop UK playlist. Give it a stream.

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