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Check out the track Half In Love by Erin Kirby. It grows on you after a few listens. Think Hailee Steinfeld, Alessia Cara meets Julia Michaels. I think she made it to American Idol Top 60. The Atlanta based singer songwriter describes herself as the female version of Lewis Capaldi or James Arthur. Here is what she says about the latest track, ““Half In Love” is written about being afraid to commit to a relationship! Maybe your ex still has a piece of you, maybe you are just nervous, or maybe you are extremely involved in your career. This song is something that everyone can listen to.” Give it a stream on Indie Invaders Playlist.

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Look out for Kaylan Mackinnon and the track Roller Coaster. The Canadian artist was nominated for best singer-songwriter at the age of 10 and had a good run with the track Run that can heard on The Miracle Season (Helen Hunt), The Perfect Bride (Hallmark), Mighty Oak (Paramount Pictures) and the upcoming film Cats & Dogs 3 (Warner Bros). Her new track Roller Coaster is a uptempo fun song and a good track to dance to, by yourself of course. The pubs are closed per the doctors order so it’s dancing with a-myself. Check it out on KOAR’s Indie Invaders Playlist.

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Miley Cyrus is back with a new single Midnight Sky. Following the current trend that The Weeknd and Dua Lipa set in motion, it’s a 80’s inspired track. That’s what Miley does, follow the trends. If opera came into fashion, she’d sample Mozart. But that’s ok, because Miley is pop and is the best karaoke singer in the room. She can sing anything and make it work. She’s also makes you believe the song is her’s. She does that with Midnight Sky. She channels Stevie Nicks and the cover queen sings it well. But it sounds awfully like Stevie’s “Edge of Seventeen” and I’m sure there was prior discussion of the similarities.
But with all this. Why bring back the 80’s now? It was such a fun time for music and artists and right now isn’t fun. Girls just wanna have fun but they can’t have fun now. You can’t even dance and shake your hips in the club unless it’s in your own isolated room wearing a mask and goggles – per doctor’s orders. Wait! Goggles? Yes, Fauci recommends eye wear as a protective measure against the pesky germ.
We should have brought back the sad 90’s which is more fitting, and after a decade when things return to normal, then the 80’s. It’s all backwards. Everything is backwards.

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Lewis Capaldi said he won’t release any new music this year because people suffered enough. That’s pretty funny, but Capaldi is a really good artist and I can think of other artists that may want to spare people from new music (I shall not mention names).

Capaldi says:

“Hopefully I will release a new song and a new album next year,” he told the newspaper (via Radio X). “I won’t release another album this year or anything.
“I think people have suffered enough in 2020 – they don’t need another song from me.”
“So far we’ve written like 50 songs for it and like three or four of them are good, which is a good ratio I think,” he explained. “I am surprised at how productive I have been during lockdown as I thought I’d just sit in my pants all day and that would be it.”

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Check out Letter To You by Ohio’s Olivia Firman. You’ll like Olivia if you like like Ariana, Augeleria, and Aaliyah. She’s singer with a big voice, a broad range and sings with emotion. The singer songwriter released three songs the past year which you can listen to here. You can check out the Medium interview and get to know her.

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