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Hollie Col shares an up-beat quirky track She Knows. The Australian singer-songwriter wrapped up 2019 with playing sold-out shows across Europe and the UK. The 24 year old has received Triple J airplay, racked up 1 million Spotify streams, and 2 million YouTube views for the track Let Yourself Down. Give it a stream, especially if you’re a fan of indie folk.

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Talk about not-the-right timing. Dua Lipa just released her chart topping second album with amazing reviews. The lead off single Don’t Start Now has become a mega hit.  Consequently, the UK artist cannot tour to support  the new album.  Lets be honest, the sting of isolation is more painful for the pop singer because a #1 album with round-the-clock radio play doesn’t come often. Artists make the most of out of the momentum by touring. The handshakes, the radio station visits, and meet & greets are part of the promo cycle. There’s a lot of money on the table with a hit album, especially for a pop artist. What can you do? Dua Lipa will make the best of an untimely situation by starting on her third album.

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I came across the track ‘Cause I Was Busing Working‘ by ELKAE. It’s refreshing and unique. Genre? Not sure – maybe electro soul. The singer-songwriter and producer is supposedly grabbing attention in Ireland. The Irish Times and Hot Press named the singer-songwriting “an exciting new force in Irish Music.” The single Conflictus landed on “Spotify’s New Music Friday UK” and racked up blog reviews in the US, UK, Australia and Germany. Give it a stream!

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It’s hard to get 5 artists on the same page let alone 9 individual artists, but a Florida act seeyousoon has figured it out. These 9 artists have come together under the banner of seeyousoon and have been releasing tracks that fuse old school hip hop, soul, and rap. The nine-piece collective made their debut with a fun video for the track “Steamy” and they dropped a new track today ICFWT. The act has quickly garnered coverage from tastemakers like The Fader, EarMilk, and Variance Mag. Give it a stream, especially if you’re fan of hip-hop and R&B.

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The Los Angeles based Stela Cole singer-songwriter drops Love You Like Mine. It’s a solid mid-tempo track that you heard before but at still offers a new twist. She has a bunch of videos on her YouTube Channel that I’ve been watching. The pop singer grew up in Atlanta and even signed with RCA for some time. She wrapped up up 2019 with 4 million Spotify streams and a million listeners. Now she is self- releasing music via AWAL.  Give her latest track a stream on Indie Invaders Playlist.

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