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The 28-year-old rapper Nathan Feuerstein from Michigan aka as NF took the #1 album spot beating Chance The Rapper.  Chance The Rapper and his team are shocked, but if you look at NF’s history and his worth ethic, it shouldn’t be a surprise. NF built his following door to door, not by a couple of Spotify Playlists.

NF is signed to Capitol Christian Music Group in 2014. He built a fanbase that boosted his album on the Billboard Album Charts. His 2017 release, “Perception,” debuted at No. 1 beating out Lil Pump, Gwen Stefani, and Marilyn Manson.

NF’s latest album “The Search” sold 130,000 equivalent albums enough to topple Chance The Rapper.

NF says, “I put my life into this and to see this much support means a lot to me,” he wrote, also thanking “my label for letting me do whatever I want creatively since day one.”

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An unknown songwriter has filed a million dollar lawsuit claiming Lady Gaga stole the melody for the hit song Shallow. The songwriter Steve Ronsen claims Shallow copied a few notes from his song “Almost,” which has than 300 streams on SoundCloud.

Ronsen and his attorney Mark D. Shirian want millions of dollars in a settlement. Gaga has hired NYC attorney Orin Snyder, who says she won’t back down.

Shallow was written by Gaga and Mark Ronson. Gaga told the LA Times, “When I wrote that song with Mark and Anthony and Andrew, it was different from any other experience I’ve had writing a song. There was a grave nature to the room. I was at the piano, the guys each had a guitar in their hands and we started coming up with lyrics and talking to each other. That’s really what the song is. It’s a conversation between a man and a woman. But we didn’t know that when we started.

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Look out for singer-songwriter Delacey.  She signed with LA Reid’s HITCO indie label.  Collaborating with producer Ido Zmishlany, The LA based singer released a batch of songs. Her first two releases My Man and The Subway Song have generated over 1 million Spotify streams. She first grabbed attention as a songwriting landing a cut with The Chainsmokers and co-writing Halsey’s smash hit Without Me. Her song My Man is currently #39 at Top 40 Radio. Check out her new released track Emily.

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The music industry is on edge after Katy Perry lost a court battle with her song Dark Horse over copyright infringement.

Katy Perry and her collaborators were ordered to pay $2.8 million in damages. Lawyers are very nervous right now as well as songwriters. They haven’t been this uptight since Robin Thicke and Pharrell were sued for $5.3 million for copying Marvin Gaye’s hit ‘Got to Give It Up.’

Currently, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” and Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven is under fire.

“There are only 12 notes you can work with, and so things are going to sound alike without technically infringing,” said Mr. McPherson, the music attorney. “The stifling of creativity we predicted after ‘Blurred Lines’ is happening, and after this Katy Perry case it’s going to happen more.”

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Ed Sheeran’s Divide tour blows past U2 earning himself as the highest grossing tour of all time.

Sheeran wrote on Instagram, “Today the Divide tour broke the all time tour record set by U2. Its now the most attended and highest grossing tour of all time. Thanks so much for each and every one of you who have come to a show. 12 shows left, will never forget it x”

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