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Kings favorite Sleeplust releases a new track title Real Me. A regular on Kings, the LA based indie act continues to pump out notable tracks. Music placements include Ball in the Family, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Total Bellas, and The Real World. They will begin a June residency at The Satellite in Los Angeles – every Monday.  The band tells Kings, “When we wrote this song, I hadn’t felt like myself in awhile. People are constantly growing and evolving into various versions of themselves. “The Real Me” hints at reaching out for my truest self for guidance in a moment of darkness and frustration. I know the person I’m capable of being and sometimes we as humans lose sight of who we are or what we need. We get so caught up in trying to protect ourselves, that it can do more harm than good.”

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Fresh on the scene X. ARI releases ‘La La La‘. The electro pop tune is reminiscent of Katy Perry and P!nk. The Canadian born, LA-based artist released a EP titled Dis-Order and is a staunch mental health advocate. Having garnered press from her first release the latest single should do just fine as it’s probably the most poppiest song to date. Give it a stream!

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The Wall Street Journal ran a piece ‘Music Superstars Are the New One Percenters‘. A small number of artists have taken the lion’s share of the market which would include touring and music sales. For instance, just three artists including Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé collectively generated $1 billion in concert-ticket revenue in 2018. Beyoncé and Jay-Z charged $117 a ticket while Taylor Swift approximately charged $119, and Ed Sheeran a little lower at $89. That’s the top of the industry of course, not the bottom. We don’t need to look at the bottom, but if you really want to know, the lesser known acts were grossing $2,500 in 2017 from concert tickets.

Music superstars have always been the one percenters. The music business is a winner-takes-all market with those at the top get a disproportionate share of the market. It’s because the superstars drive the value what is produced. Consumers are willing to pay more for Ed Sheeran than a relatively unknown artist. The superstars also have a great deal power at the negotiation table. They are making more money today because of endorsement income which has become a significant revenue source. These superstars are dominant in the entertainment economy and are occupying even more space on playlists and radio charts leaving less for developing artists.


      MORE Indie Invaders

We first featured Danny Rocco in 2015 when he and his bandmate went under the moniker of Secret Weapons. The duo signed with Epic Records after gaining traction on Spotify and opening up for Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and Panic!  The duo shortly parted ways after a regime change at the label. With remarkable resilience, Danny went solo and re-invented himself as Des Rocs. With his latest single SLO, Danny tells Kings, “It’s about being so infatuated with someone that even as they’re killing you, you want it to last a little longer just to spend a few more minutes with them.” Spotify has been a big supporter which placed the Brooklyn based artist on the biggest rock playlist “Rock This”.  He’s very active live just finishing a 23 city sold out North American tour with Grandson and will embark on U.S tour next week with The Struts. Give it a stream!

      MORE Indie Invaders

California pop duo X Lovers sign with Visionary/RCA Records. Eventually moving to LA setting up a music studio, the two 21-year-olds from Nevada City have been collaborating as a team since they were 10. Check out the track Easy.  Give it a stream.

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