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Alice Pisano dropped a new emotional piano ballad Lost You In The Crowd.  Alice says, “It’s about being in love with a person that runs hot and cold. You don’t know where they stand, if they’re into you or not. Some days they are warm and sweet, other days they are cold and distant, almost like a stranger in the crowd”. Born in Italy, Alice moved to London to pursue music. Before you listen to the new release I would start with her debut single Celebrate Life which quickly clocked a million views on Spotify streams after landing on playlists ‘Soft Pop Hit’ and ‘Mellow Morning’.  Not bad for a new artist.

      MORE Indie Invaders

Blending haunting electro pop and R&B, CUTTS releases a really good emotional ballad titled Breathe. Comprising of  Lillian Cutts and Peter Bonaventure, the NY based alternative-pop duo formed in 2017.  Lillian reveals, “This song quickly became very personal for me. It became about a person I have always had trouble expressing my feelings for; especially in songwriting. High highs and low lows, complexities of the past that are impossible to express in just one song. My memory of her has always been triggered by specific things— a nick name, a fragrance— the intimate details. While the affairs of my lost love became convoluted over time I can still smell her perfume, that lingers on forever.” Also, check out the track Entertain Me.

      MORE Indie Invaders

17 year old singer-songwriter Eda Green releases Broken One today. It’s a cinematic epic track with live instrumentation, and Eda delivers vocally. It’s not pop either, but still has commercial appeal. Yes, pop is becoming less popular. Originally from New Jersey, Eda migrated to Los Angeles. Eda says this about her writing, “the opposite of Hollywood writing circles made up of grown men that spew words of bullshit for other female teen artists to regurgitate.” Eda tells Kings, “As an artist my music is a reflection of my real life and stories. My songs don’t have a filter when it comes to how I’m feeling so I’m hoping the people that relate to what I’m saying feel understood. We all go through shit, I just use songs as my way of venting.” Give it a listen.

      MORE Indie Invaders

Although the electro-pop scene is a bit overcrowded there is always room for one more. Carry My Home by Camilla North is a solid track. It’s reminiscent of the mega hit single “The Middle” by Zedd. The Norwegian singer-songwriter will release her EP ‘Carry Me Home’ where she collaborated with several artists, producers, and songwriters. Additionally, she wrote the charting song “Deja Vu,” by Korean girl band f(x). Give it a listen.

      MORE Indie Invaders

UK based Alexis Kings impresses with their latest alternative rock track Addict.  Check out the video here.  The band tells Kings, “Addict is our way of expressing the sound of addiction, a groove that makes you move that ends in Chaos.”  The indie rock 4 piece has generated over a million Spotify plays, and has garnered praise from BBC Introducing.  Their previous single reached #7 on the spotify viral charts. The latest track was produced by Ian Dowling who has worked with Adele and Bombay Bicycle Club. Give it stream.

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