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Check out Glass Self by Fat Heart. I think it’s a dream pop gem – it’s dreamy and atmospheric, a perfect track for self isolation. Fat Heart is the moniker of Jack Bzowski. He’s hails from London, UK and crafts melancholic songs. The track landed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Indie (UK). The latest song comes off his debut EP ‘Everything Is’. Give it a stream, especially if you’re a fan of dreamy bedroom pop.

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If you want to get lost in the indie space, give the track Growing Pains a stream by Fern. The is the debut track from the 15 year old singer songwriter who hails from Utah. While it can take years for artist to capture a sound that’s fitting, Fern quickly found her niche. Indie purists will love the minimal production of the electric guitar and vocal. Give the song a listen especially if you’re a fan of The Decemberists, Civil Wars, and Bon Iver.

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Take a listen to Demons by Alara.  The track found it’s way on Spotify’s Fresh Finds. The NJ based singer songwriter grew up listening to ABBA and The Beatles before getting into Thom Yorke, Damien Rice, and Kevin Parker. Take a quick peek at this solo performance.

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Mt. Wolf returns with a new track Tayrona. Indie folk lovers should love this, especially fans of Bon Iver, James Blake, and Beach House. Blogs love this band too. The track landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK, Chill Vibes, and Coffee & Chill and garnered some radio play from Australia’s Triple J. Check out the track on Indie Invaders Playlist.

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Charli D’Amelio is currently the most followed TikToker with more than 55 million followers. She is the official TikTok star. She is making the Chinese owned platform so much money and in return they should make her the ambassador, maybe even a partner in the platform. Heck, maybe she can replace Xi Jinping as General Secretary of China. She is the most followed with 55 million followers. When Charli says dance, people dance. When Charli says listen, people listen. Right now, she is the TikTok Queen and it’s time to pay some respect.

Charli D’Amelio is a Connecticut 15-year-old girl and is as real as it gets. Although she danced all her life, she joined TikTok last year and instantly captured fans around the world.

She acknowledges that Tiktok changes everyday and that her place at the top could be temporary. It’s highly unlikely that TikTok will birth another star. She is humble enough to acknowledge that winning streaks are temporary, but in Charli’s case, she’ll be around for a long time because she is a pioneer. Also, the thing about Charli is that her focus wasn’t on becoming a star. She was doing pretty much the exact same thing that she is doing now. It’s a passion for her and it will be hard to outdo her.

She’s pretty creative and doesn’t over think. “Whatever I feel like making, that’s what I’ll make at the time,” Charli says of her creative process on the app. “There’s nothing I use that’s, like, a strategy.”

“I know, no matter what, with or without the followers I’d still be making the same videos,” she insists. “Just as long as I’m having fun.”

It’s simple, Charli D’Amelio’s naturally danced her way to dominance.

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