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Buzz Track: Hypnotized

Mary Has A Gun is a band from France that blends the catchiness of pop music and massive energy of rock. There has been a considerable buzz around them over the Internet as they landed in the French Rock magazine “Rock One”. Considered one of the foremost rock bands in France, they were signed on Universal Music France. The band flew to Montreal to record their new full-length album with Canadian producer Luc Tellier. Check out the latest track ‘Hypnotized’ as the band is available for a distribution as well as a promo deal.


  • Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your head.
  • Purple- haired releases the single Heartbeat. You’ll get hooked after one listen. She also has a goo…
  • You gotta love winning more than you hate losing. The key is to stay in the game and give yourself chances to win.
  • Never be afraid to be honest with your music. You have nothing to lose.





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