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Cemetery Sun

Buzz Track: (Hard Drugs) Fake Love

California alternative rock act Cemetery Sun releases (Hard Drugs) Fake Love. It’s upbeat, catchy, combining guitars and synths making Cemetery Sun one of the few alternative acts that could burst on the mainstream. The band notes: “Our record finds its center around the idea of overcoming life’s self-imposed obstacles. We grew very close as musicians during the recording process, and rarely said NO to any idea or vibe that would typically be considered out of place.”,


  • Why is it challenging for new artists to get spun on top 40 radio? Because people listen to top 40 radio to hear songs they already know.
  • Moving to LA, NYC, or Nashville could be a bad move for an artist. It’s way to overcrowded. You are better off bein…
  • Anybody can imitate recent success, but who can foresee the next big thing?
  • If you’re not a risk taker, you’re not an artist. In fact, artists are similar to wall streeters, but way cooler.





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