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Wild - Kings of A&R

WILD, an indie pop trio from Los Angeles, released the single ‘Haunted Heart’ that comes off their debut album. ‘Haunted Heart’, a perfect title for this dark indie pop track, is an infectious first single that grows on you like a vine after repeated listens. Influences include Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, Band of Horses, and Imagine Dragons. The band writes, records, and produces all of their own music and will perform a string of West Coast shows.


  • How a flop became a hit.
  • Big difference between an artist and a songwriter.
  • A big ego is often mistaken for, or seen as, an indication of talent.
  • Thanks to Ariana Huffington's for the Kings of A&R of interview. Here is a bit of a backstory. I recounted…





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