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Jackson Wise, previously of the Austin-based and Kings favorite The Vantage heads up a new project.  The indie pop track “Dreaming Of” is the first offering from his new Los Angeles based project, SAILE. The track premiered on the front page of Apple Music and landed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Six String Playlist.

The latest song was written/co-produced with Bryan Russell (Coldplay, Volbeat) in Nashville, TN. The single features vocals from Suzie Zeldin previously of Twin Forks and The Narrative.


  • Why is it challenging for new artists to get spun on top 40 radio? Because people listen to top 40 radio to hear songs they already know.
  • Moving to LA, NYC, or Nashville could be a bad move for an artist. It’s way to overcrowded. You are better off bein…
  • Anybody can imitate recent success, but who can foresee the next big thing?
  • If you’re not a risk taker, you’re not an artist. In fact, artists are similar to wall streeters, but way cooler.





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