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It can be a challenge to find a good rock act these days. Fortunately, there have been a few bands this year that could change course.  The alternative act gP  is one of the bands. They just released the new music video for the track Slow. The San Francisco band has a unique sound of trip rock that infuses trip hop beats and R&B.  The band has 30K monthly listeners, 600K streams, and has shared the stage with Night Riots, Silver Snakes, and Rare Future. Check it out!


  • Why is it challenging for new artists to get spun on top 40 radio? Because people listen to top 40 radio to hear songs they already know.
  • Moving to LA, NYC, or Nashville could be a bad move for an artist. It’s way to overcrowded. You are better off bein…
  • Anybody can imitate recent success, but who can foresee the next big thing?
  • If you’re not a risk taker, you’re not an artist. In fact, artists are similar to wall streeters, but way cooler.





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