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Kings favorite Deal Casino releases the new single Blueberry Pop that comes off their new Calidus EP. The Asbury Park, NJ band took their creative spark to the next level. They recorded their entire EP in a junk yard in one take. See for yourself here.  While the band has their own signature sound, the 4 piece draws inspiration from the classics like Pink Floyd, yet can go from Led Zeppelin loud to Nick Drake quiet. The band just wrapped up a performance at the iconic Asbury Park Convention Hall. Check out the interview had with the band here.,


  • Every artist needs a story, if you don’t have one, make something up.
  • Every time an artist releases a song, they are planting a seed.
  • If there is one thing you need to learn is that the music business is filled with thieves and bullies.
  • Artists are entrepreneurs. Operators of a business, they take on greater than normal financial risk.





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