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Fancy Cars consisting of two producers are on the rise. Having kicked off their collab in 2016 they clocked millions of plays and landed deals with Universal and Majestic Causal Records. Check out their soulful track Time Machine ft. Sophie Rose. Other tracks I’ll Follow hit 6.3 million Spotify Streams, and the track Fun hit over a million. Although the California based production duo come from various backgrounds, they say their differences are what makes them a perfect match, “we sometimes disagree on what’s good, but always agree on great.


  • The best songs are written in your youth. Why? You have nothing to lose.
  • Coffee shops are costing music creators billions of dollars. How? They are using streaming services without a license. ☕️
  • Manipulating popularity can work. But consumers are not totally clueless.
  • Some people are drawn to things because they’re hits. Some people shun things because they’re hits.





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