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Batya releases the new song ‘For Love‘.  The 20 year old has a mesmerizing voice, her appearance is magical, and the new track fits her well.  Batya notes, “For Love is a song about about remembering a really special summer love. Essentially this started as a summer crush but turned into something so much realer than that. We normally tend to miss these really great things that once were apart of our lives but this song is more of a “be happy it happened” anthem. Check it out!


  • Think! Catchiness doesn’t make a song a HIT. Exposure does.
  • Think! Radio still has great distribution power, but it no longer holds a monopoly on exposure.
  • If content is king then distribution is the kingdom.
  • If one million people streamed your song, it’s a HIT - that 99% of the country never streamed.





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