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20 year old songwriter and producer Nolan Asher has released two worthy tracks. The track Somebody to Love was quickly embraced and the LA based hip hip/ R&B producer hit over 2000 followers on SoundCloud. The secret double agent also has another project ‘Nolan van Lith‘ which is electronic, future bass/trap music. His remixes have clocked millions of streams even attracting the attention of  The Chainsmokers. Check it out!


  • Known for her time on America’s Got Talent, releases the track Head Held High. No matter the amount of wri…
  • There is no formula for virality or easy popularity.
  • The queen is dead. Voice of generations. 73 HIT SONGS!
  • In Glasgow l, music is darker because it’s so much more gloomy. There’s a perpetual misery there.





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