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Kings favorite California indie act Sleeplust release the new track Unfiltered.  Continuing down the path of writing and releasing radio worthy tracks, the band explores a new lyrical theme dealing with complications of social media.   The band notes, “Unfiltered is about how we only show people our highlight reels through social media. Digging deep and really getting to know someone, beyond all of the shimmery parts, builds a concrete foundation and enriches the lives of both parties. It’s an anthem screaming that it’s okay to open up and show more of what’s really going on because everyone is way more similar than they think and they aren’t alone. Connect in the flesh and swap battle stories while showcasing your scars”. Having their tracks on MTV’s Teen Mom, MTV’s Real World, and Road Rules, they’ve also been featured on Billboard, Vents Mag, and Unclear Mag. You can check them out June 26th at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles.


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