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California based singer-songwriter Denny White recently released the track Alone With You. Is it Dream Pop, Synthpop, Pop/Rock, Modern Rock, EDM? I don’t know. This is a record labels dream though. It’s faceless music that could find itself on any Spotify’s popular playlist. But if the music seems almost perfect, it’s because Denny White has been called to collaborate with heavyweights like The Fray, EDM producer Tiësto and OneRepublic’s Brent Kutzle. Check it out.


  • The best songs are written in your youth. Why? You have nothing to lose.
  • Coffee shops are costing music creators billions of dollars. How? They are using streaming services without a license. ☕️
  • Manipulating popularity can work. But consumers are not totally clueless.
  • Some people are drawn to things because they’re hits. Some people shun things because they’re hits.





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