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Los Angeles singer-songwriter Axel Mansoor releases Father Time, the first single off the acoustic EP Somerset.  The EP which has a classic sound was recorded in his bedroom studio with a $150 USB microphone and a DI for the guitar. Mansoor quietly made his debut in 2017 with the debut track Wasted My Love which eventually clocked over a million streams. With tracks like Out of My Head,  I would place Mansoor in the genre blending category. Like Ed Sheeran, he could walk the path as a mainstream misfit. Give it a stream!,


  • Think! Catchiness doesn’t make a song a HIT. Exposure does.
  • Think! Radio still has great distribution power, but it no longer holds a monopoly on exposure.
  • If content is king then distribution is the kingdom.
  • If one million people streamed your song, it’s a HIT - that 99% of the country never streamed.





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