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In 2013, we talked about pop artist Bryce Vine who released an EP and performed shows with Karmin. He went on to perform a iHeartRadio live showcase with Z100 and appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Of course this all happened because of his hit song Drew Barrymore which clocked over 80 million streams. At the end of the day, you never can predict a hit. Vine reveals that he never imagined the massive success, “No. I just never wrote songs expecting that. … No, you just try to write good songs and then hope people hear it and then when something explodes, it’s like then you play catch-up.”

Consequently, hits can take minutes to write or months. In Vine’s case, the song was written over many months. Honing on his musical schools, Vine attended Berklee College Of Music which led to a Glee Audition. Sending in an audition tape via Myspace, he made it to the top 12 before being eliminated. After the Glee spectacle is when he released an EP (which we featured), but circumstances changed a bit. “I went through heartbreak and cynicism and stress trying to be like a broke musician in LA like everyone else,” he says. “I hated telling people that I was an artist when I had nothing to show for it. It felt dumb to say, ‘Oh yeah, I’m an artist and I make music, and we should collab.’ I just kept working towards it but it was hard…when you get cynical it’s hard to get out of that.”

Indeed, a hit song can change everything. Zero to hero in a day. With that, he has a new album coming out on Sire Records and will embark on an October tour with MAX.







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