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KINGDM recently dropped the straightforward up-tempo track  Dust featuring Reo Cragun. The upcoming producer has been praised by tastemakers and his tracks have landed on KCRW, Beats 1, BBC1 and BBC2. Splitting his time between Los Angeles and Europe, Italy born KINGDM has worked his way up to 10 million combined streams. The debut track ‘Can’t Get Over You’ reached No. 1 on HypeMachine while the follow up track “Baby” featuring Kevin Garrett landed n the Top 10 Spotify’s global and U.S. Viral 50 charts. I believe KINGDM is lightyears ahead with his songwriting. In an interview with ATWOOD Mag he notes, “Most of my songs start in my head. Sometimes I hear melodies or ideas, and the first step is usually to capture them on the Voice Memo of my iPhone. When I move to production, I generally have a clear picture of how I want the track to sound, but it’s rarely related to a style. The first flow of ideas is usually very quick. 90% of the song is usually done within a couple of hours. But then I spend a LOT of time editing and tweaking sounds, and I think that’s when the blend of styles often happens”.  Give the track a stream.


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