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Erich Bergen releases the track Running Through The Night.  Radio darlings like Daughtry and Lifehouse come to mind after giving this track a stream. Fresh off his Broadway debut, you may know Bergen who plays Blake Moran on the CBS TV drama series, Madam Secretary.  Bergen tells Kings that the feedback has been amazing, “The response to this song has been more than I could have imagined. I’ve received hundreds of messages on social media, both public and private, about how much this song has meant to them on a personal level. One person in India told me it was the first time they’ve felt ‘understood.’ Another in Minnesota told me it gave them the courage to come out to their family. What this proves to me is that music continues to be the singular universal language that connects us all and that we are all more alike than not. I’m very proud ‘Running Through The Night’ could have some small part in that.” Check it out!







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