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Check out the Brooklyn based duo Ruumer.  The sister indie pop group dropped a music video for the radio worthy track Gimme Some (feat. Sammy Adams). Ruumer tells Kings, “The vibey anthem is all about empowering women’s sexuality”. The duo started out as a power-pop act and won over blogs like Idolator and Perez.  In 2017 they released the Kesha-esqe track Heels, and now they slowed things down a bit with Gimme Some.  Give it a stream!


  • Why is it challenging for new artists to get spun on top 40 radio? Because people listen to top 40 radio to hear songs they already know.
  • Moving to LA, NYC, or Nashville could be a bad move for an artist. It’s way to overcrowded. You are better off bein…
  • Anybody can imitate recent success, but who can foresee the next big thing?
  • If you’re not a risk taker, you’re not an artist. In fact, artists are similar to wall streeters, but way cooler.





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