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18 year old who goes under the moniker mxmtoon releases Porcelain. While indie folk could put you to sleep, she manages to catch a vibe with just a vocal and a ukulele, mastering the craft of writing bedroom folk. She’s amassed a decent online following garnering support from Mr. Suicide Sheep, Indie Nation, and Koala Kontrol. Having a bunch of performances lined up, her Moroccan Lounge show on 1/25 in LA is sold out. Unlike other indie artists that tend to hide behind their music to their own detriment, mxmtoon has a personality and is vibrant in her YouTube videos. We took a peek behind mxmtoon’s method that has attracted thousands of listeners.

Was there one particular influencer that gave you the audience? ex. popular YouTube music channel Mr Suicide Sheep.

I definitely feel a lot of early support came from youtube channels that took time to help me out as an artist. In the beginning I didn’t receive a whole lot of attention from larger influencers or music channels and so the accumulation of smaller channels helped me jumpstart for sure! I still feel as if one of the most important aspects of how my audience grows is simply due to sharing my music by word of mouth. I’ve got an incredible fanbase that helps to share my art with others.

What else was the main driver for your fanbase? Songs or YouTube videos?

Personally, I think the main driver would be the combination of the two. Songs are so important in the way they can emotional connect with people, but making content like youtube can also connect with others on a personal level. I definitely want to make sure I’m a whole being on the internet and doing Youtube and making songs in tandem with each other helps me achieve that.

Where do you get the most fan engagement? Instagram or YouTube ?

Fan engagement totally depends on the platform! I find people like different things on different social medias. With Twitter I can be pretty goofy and interact with people that way or on YouTube I get to do more video content and talk to people there. I feel like instagram is probably the platform I find easiest to connect with people that listen to me, thanks to the comment system and also stuff like live-streams, polls, and Q&A features.

Do you personally manage and control all of your social media accounts?

I try as much as I possible can, up until 3 months ago, I was working completely independently, and doing everything on my own. I’m super lucky to now have a wonderful group of people to help me stay organized and occasionally help me out when stuff slips my mind (human error is the great bane of my existence), but I try to do as much as I can do keep my socials run by myself!

Do you create and upload all your own content?

I do create and upload everything that I can independently on my new EP, all of the artwork has been done by myself and the music was written and composed by myself as well.

Do you write and produce your own songs?

I love writing and playing instruments and so composing and writing lyrics are two of my favorite things. I’ve done 100% of the writing and composing for all of my current work out in the music sphere, and am looking forward to more opportunities when it comes to the production side of creation!

How long have you been doing this?

I only started posting my music seriously in February of 2017, but I wrote my first song in 2014 which was just a bunch of random words from rhymezone though, so thankfully I’ve somewhat progressed passed that! I started playing music in 2006 by playing violin and eventually learned the ukulele in 2012. My timeline with the aspects that make my music what it is today is all over the place.







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