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Welcome to Kings of A&R, the music industry site where fresh new faces get discovered.

Kings of A&R is a music industry tip sheet featuring emerging artists. We were listed as a Top 10 Trendsetting Music Blog & and have tipped off industry, TV and the media with best up & coming artists.

Throughout the last decade, Kings of A&R has featured hundreds of artists worldwide that have landed deals with Music Labels, Managers, Publishers, Production Companies, Booking Agents, etc.  Kings of A&R runs the popular “top 8 emerging artists” editorial and the site consists of a community of music listeners, music professionals, and music lovers.

Kings of A&R has been mentioned in  UK’s Financial Times, CNN, Billboard, Spin, among others.

If you are interested in career opportunities at Kings of A&R email Dean@kingsofar.com.

Green Label Sound: Open Call, the Search for New Sound
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  • Midnight Boy’s Don’t Say No” was sitting on #5 on the ITunes Singles Chart in Sweden. Midnight Boy is...
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