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Kings of A&R, is a music site where fresh new faces get discovered.

Kings of A&R is the ultimate music site to find the latest buzz artists. Make Kings of A&R your secret data weapon & discover the newest artists before they sky rocket and “Go and tell your friends you heard it first”

Kings of A&R was named a Top 10 Trendsetting Music Blog, featured as The Ten Best Music Blogs to follow, and are listed within the top 20 music blogs by blog rank. We are chosen as one of Musicians Empowered’s top 100 music industry blogs. We have tipped off the entertainment industry, TV, the media and fans alike with best up & coming artists.

Throughout the last decade, Kings of A&R has featured hundreds of artists worldwide that have landed deals with Music Labels, Managers, Publishers, Production Companies, Booking Agents, etc.  Kings of A&R runs the popular “top 8 emerging artists” editorial and the site consists of a community of music listeners, music professionals, and music lovers.

Kings of A&R has been featured in UK’s Financial Times, CNN, Billboard, Spin, among others.

If you are interested in career opportunities at Kings of A&R email Dean@kingsofar.com.

If you are interested in career opportunities at Kings of A&R email Dean@kingsofar.com.

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