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Hi, I’m Dean Cramer. I work in the area of the music business & Kings of A&R is my music blog. I started the blog in 1999, and it was the first of its kind in the industry. I’ve always committed myself to discover & write about new music. And most of all, I do not serve as a mouthpiece to any music company.

William Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage.” That is true, but the stage has never been more crowded, and my goal is to expose new deserving artists to a meaningful audience including influencers and entertainment professionals as well as provide my own unique perspective on topics in popular culture.

It’s fairly common that I open my inbox and find an email from an artist that’s saying “thanks for the writing about us, we now have a meeting with an agent” or “Lady Gaga’s manager wants to have a meeting”, and “because of your feature, we just landed a song placement”.

Artists I have written about before they achieved mainstream success include The Killers, The Fray, One Republic, Twenty One Pilots, Capitol Cities, The Neighbourhood, and many others. There is saying around here “the artists you hear about now, are buzz artists here first”.

I write almost everyday, and you can follow me on Facebook, & Twitter, and Instagram make sure you don’t miss anything.

To get a feel of the site, the three main categories are Buzz Artists, Perspective, & Face To Face (Interviews)

Buzz Artists Posts

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Perspective Posts

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Face To Face (Interview) Posts

The manager & songwriter behind the success Echosmith
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Diane Warren: I Have Not Yet Written My Greatest Song

Others Have Taken Notice

Kings of A&R was named a Top 10 Trendsetting Music Blog and selected as one of the top 100 music blogs on the web by Feedspot.  

Kings is also listed as the Ten Best Music Blogs to followlanding within the top 20 music blogs by blog rank, and was chosen as one of musicians empowered’s top 100 music industry blogs

Key mentions in UK’s Financial Times , CNN, & Billboard Mag.

My Biography

I’m located on the NJ coastline with NYC in view. Close enough to the chaos & far enough to enjoy the peace.

After graduating Monmouth University, I was compelled to navigate the music industry.

My fascination with watching Michael Jackson videos on early MTV motivated me to learn the steps to stardom, and learn I did.

Having collaborated with various music executives on different projects has allowed me to travel the globe working with chart topping-artists in a wide range of capacity.

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