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Kings of A&R offers select artist’s promotional opportunities that includes a top banner feature at affordable rates.

If you work with an artist you would like to promote on Kings of A&R or would like more information on promotional opportunities for artists, please contact us via the information provided below.

If you are an agency or corporate advertiser interested in custom or banner campaigns, please contact us below.

Kings of A&R is listed as a top 10 Trendsetting Music Blog on and throughout the last decade has helped hundreds of artists worldwide land licensing deals, endorsements,  publishing deals, and major record deals.

Kings of A&R has been recognized as a music industry leader by UK’s Financial Times, CNN, Billboard Magazine article “Demo Sites Tell Acts, Industry What’s Hot”, Spin Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, as well as daily newspapers around the world.

Site Takeovers
We offer site takeovers for very affordable rates. This includes a site-wide custom background image and banner advertisement.

Takeover Banner
The specs for the banner are 960 x 235 and must be under 200kb (jpg png or gif accepted). Download a banner template here.This banner is featured as the first slide on our homepage slideshow. This banner is repeated resized at the top and bottom of every category page as well.

Takeover Background
The background image should be 2000×1500 and fade into a solid color and must be under 300kb (jpg png or gif accepted). You must provide the color HEX number (i.e. #ffffff) to fade to for a seamless integration. Backgrounds are centered with a 964px content area in the center that should be accounted for. Download a background template here.

Takeover Graphics Help
We can take your digital assets and create a site takeover graphics package for a fee in addition to the takeover costs. You may also provide your own takeover graphics.

Email for rates

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